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  • WA2FST4U ·
    Not sure if my PM went through last night. Had system issues. If so, please disregard this PM.
    I think this might be the only time I've checked to see if I could change my User Name/Handle on a site.

    For the past 15-17 years I've always gone by WA2FST4U or 2FST4U. Not sure why I didn't go with that one on this forum and went with my MMORPG name. Probably old age setting in!!

    If WA2FST4U isn't taken (checked the member list.. didn't see it), would it be possible to change it?

    Many thanks!!!! Cheers!
    rmj_1219 ·
    You sent me a private message about having two accounts. Disable the rmj_1219 for some time it would bump me out on my computer until I made a new one since then I try only using the rawrt since that one doesn't give me login issues on my iPhone but the rmj_1219 always gave me issues. So I only wish to keep rawrt thank you.
    Hurst Pak #1 ·
    Hello. I bumped an old Car Audio thread of mine and noticed the forum now has a dedicated section. Would you please move my post? Build Thread: Competition System Install in 2010 Hurst Challenger ( 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... Last Page) While you at it would you mind dropping the word "Competition" from the title? I meant to say Complete but spellchecker got me..... THANKS
    Trimec ·
    I guess what I'm trying to do is like when you open a thread and someone's post has photos under the text, how do you do insert the photos?, and do you have to do it on a PC cause I'm trying to do it on an iPad and not sure if it'll work from an iPad? I do have a photobucket account too. Thanks
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