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  • Rattler249 ·
    Hey dude hows it going haven't heard from you in a long time well since you left Cali anyways I see you still have that beauty, oh it's me Terence you know Rattler249 the one with the gray challenger was in the navy, any who I'm out of the service now working at the base in Lemoore doing what I did when I was in, so would love to hear from you
    randycat99 ·
    No worries! The GTR introduced some "fresh air" to this style of topic, actually. Usually, it's about Mustang or Camaro, right?
    muzza61 ·
    I'm glad you see where I'm coming from on the thread about not worrying about the weight of the Challenger that turned into a trash throwing mess about GRT's. Guess I needed to make the GTR thing clearer up front....nightmare.
    Hugh Jassol ·
    Hugh Jassol wants to know why people can not see his post! Answer Hugh Jassol! Say his name! Say it! Say you like Hugh Jassol!

    Thank You Hugh Jassol!
    randycat99 ·
    Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I'll be laying low for a while. I don't have a lot of money to blow on gas these days. Last week's fill-up went pretty quick, as you would guess. I only ride around with half'a tank, lately, and usually it lasts about a week.

    That is a cool pic you took. I didn't even recognize what was going on until staring at it for a while. Tnx for taking the shot!
    Debwal ·
    You going to the car Show in Lewisville this Saturday or how about to the Cruise in Waller (Houston) on Sunday? I'm gonna try to do both. Last year I received the Directors Choice Award at that show. I kinda feel obligated to go. I plan on leaving the show early to head out to Houston to spend the night in Tomball,Tx about 15 mi. from where the cruise is starting.... It is fun, curvy and very fast.....
    Hope to see you there!
    That is your rear end! Isn't it a cool pix?

    randycat99 ·
    I dunno if you are able to get to this link (couldn't find a way to post it to you more directly), but here is a rough mock-up of the feature I am trying to describe.

    randycat99 ·
    ...or maybe hip line...I mean that transition point in the sheetmetal where it breaks from the "vertical side" of the car to where the canopy begins. On the classic Charger, there is a very accentuated "shelf" that runs the length of the body and is one of its most distinctive design elements.
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