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  • guitar2323 ·
    Hello there.My name is Clint.I recently placed an order for a HC.I hear you can give updates on the build.Any info would be great.
    jooeys ·
    morning Sir,

    just wondering when we can expect the production number for the 2015 scat pack shakers ? also will you or could you break down the colors & options ?

    thank you in advance

    lindsayhellcat ·
    Hello. I am trying to get my build number on my Challenger Hellcat and cannot find it anywhere. I was referred to talk to you. The hellcat is here and I'm excited but nothing is on the car. Last 8 of my VIN is FH713640.
    GSRT8 ·

    Are you able to get any info on whether or not they will build all the orders from Sept 9th?
    I am thinking of at least trying to order a Scat pack shaker or a SRT in B5. I do not want to get nothing. Of course prefer the HC but just want a new Chally?
    What are your personal thoughts on a SRT or a Scat pack shaker? I love the shaker a lot but prefer the other things in the SRT.
    Plus I can get a CDI or friends & family and I do not think that works with the SRT? Your help is truly appreciated.
    I am a HUGE MOPAR fan and have owned many vipers too.
    firetruck ·
    They say you're the guy to give updates on orders. My order was placed on 1/9. It was a allocation. I'm still in D1 status. Any idea how long I will be in limbo. Vin-FH773662
    ResumeSpeed ·
    Colors are typically assigned at the last minute, so may not have confirmed colors for the 2016 models until mid-late summer... might have other 2016 info sometime in April.

    262runner ·
    Hey, just want to say thanks again for all the info you provide and the countless hours of your time you have donated and volunteers. I'm sure it feels thankless sometimes, but I can't tell you how much we appreciate your efforts, possibly at risk to your own livelihood if discovered.


    BBW, any word on a Toxic Orange for the '16 Hellcats? I'm patiently waiting for the 2016 thread. :)
    valataria ·
    Resume Speed,where did you go? Please answer me as I have something to talk with you about. (254) 339-5302

    Danger ·
    Hi RS and...............Here's wishing you a Happy Holiday Season.

    Thank you for the information, I believe you're correct on the Toledo Storage.

    At one time you wrote me that My Build was the same as you ordered, was that the truth?
    If so you can take mine and get me the Crystal Granite I was trying to get mine changed to.......LOL

    Your Friend,
    Danger ·
    Hi RS, Garfield here.
    Could you please see if there's any information about when my KZ status FH715949 will be leaving Brampton.

    I was told tentative date at Dealer in Brunswick Ohio Dec.08, 2014 but that it's still in Canada at this time.
    I think it has to go to Toledo OH storage first.
    Just trying to get more or better information.

    Any help would be appreciated,
    valataria ·
    Hello RS, it's me again. Thought I would check with you and see if there are any updates on the Hellcat order bank!!!!! If I keep waiting,i'm going to think of a good reason to keep my 2011 SRT8 IE.
    StumpyMcNubbins ·
    Thanks for all the information. You've been a huge help to me. I was hoping you could answer a couple of specific questions that are somewhat time sensitive for me. I have been saving to order an RT Classic. As soon as I saw the shaker was going to be released, I decided that's what I want. Several websites are saying it will be a run of either 1000 or 2000 cars. If that's the case, I will need to get my order in as early as possible to make sure I get one. I would prefer to wait until I can put a little more down and have a smaller monthly payment. Can you confirm whether the shaker will be a limited release? Also I was wondering if the Scat Packs could be added by the dealer after purchase or if they have to be factory installed. I'd appreciate any help you could offer. Thanks in advance.
    challengerdep ·
    resume, I'm new to chrysler but I have ordered a 2013 challenger rt plus. It is granite gray. I was wondering if you know when they are spraying that color and what if any front and rear changes are coming? Thanks. JD
    Hi resume....i was wondering since you seem to be the guy with the there any info on the final production numbers for the 2011 year....broke down by model/color etc?? Just wondering
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