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  • stevewhite ·
    thank you, however we are flying in on Sunday, the car is being transported by one of my sponsors Ultimate Performance and JRI Shocks & Coil Overs
    again thank you very very much for offering
    Hal H ·
    Yes there is a Challenger GT trim coming out - V6 only (essentially an SXT Plus w/ AWD) but not the wide-body bodywork.
    -Chargers have been offered with AWD for a while and only V6 in recent years.

    The Challenger ADR is supposed to be the wide-body model and rumored to top the Hellcat in the lineup - no firm date on that yet.

    Don't know about the issue with posting a new thread - the administrator would be the one to point that to for technical issues.
    -I've had a few with the website, and it looks like they finally addressed those.
    soonercruiser ·
    You make it to Cars and Coffee Saturday morning?
    Unfortunately, I had a busy week with early wakeups, and needed a sleep-in.
    O_Racing ·
    we are speaking of racing type of CF so we are speaking of 30 to 50 pct reduction and more in some cases; even the aluminum hood gets significant weight reduction; this is a fraction of the price for parts that do not really exist of that quality for the challenger; you have to be into CF; in my opinion it makes sense when you go all in because then the weight reduction is significant. otherwise it is just for the looks if you do one piece at a time.

    they do also doors in CF which is a big weight saving

    let me know
    O_Racing ·
    Hi RNashCPA,

    I have one my racing relationship down in Virginia who is putting together a carbon fiber set for the Challenger;

    He is a known guy in the industry and a serious business man.

    He is looking for 3 Dodge Challengers;

    It would include Roof Top Section, Trunk Lid and Hood for $4500 instead of the $7300 it could cost, if SEIBON, for example, made these parts for the Challenger; They don't; only for the Camaro;

    No partial orders

    if you are interested, text me at +1 917 679 6793

    Olivier Thiery
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