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  • Cory Malesa ·
    Hello Slidd! I am in the middle of trying to do a SRT stripe on a 2018 SRT Challenger. I was looking over a post and you had helped out with measurements for the rear end stripe? Would you be able to help with me the measurements on front end of it? Thanks!
    Dsirch ·
    I have a 2016 SRT 392 Challenger 392, that I bought new in July of 16’. About 6 months after I took delivery, my vehicle has developed an extended cranking issue....after my car has been driven about 20-30 miles, then shut down for about 1-2 hrs, then restarted after this hot soak period. I have no problems starting in the morning, just under the conditions as above. Have you heard of anyone else or other members with the 392 experiencing this issue? I remembered a past post by a fellow member, regarding vapor lock that has me wondering about that as a possibility. I would appreciate any information or knowledge you may have on this matter. If may be easier if maybe we could talk over the phone to discuss this further when you have some time.
    Cell 713-805-2967
    Alien Cop ·
    Hello Slidd....

    I finally got the SRT392 Black fully loaded. Thanks to you for all your kind advice and guidance. I owe you one :)

    Warm regards,
    Alien Cop.

    Love your contributions to this site- you must work at Dodge! I just joined the site to PM you. I have been waiting for years and just ordered a 2017 392 Scat Pack Shaker VIN 2C3CDZFJ4HH500504 with 6 Speed Manual.

    Which Final rear axle ratio will I get? Do I have a choice given the above rqts??

    I thought it would be a 3.90 but on the latest update, it shows I have the 23Y Package with DPM 3.09 Rear Axle Ratio. I have the FCA specs/order guide that seems to contradict.

    Huge thanks for your knowledge. Of course I called Dodge and my salesman without any resolution.

    BTW- I still have the 1987 Trans Am that I bought new.

    Call if you need. (843)276-0261

    Much appreciation from a 25 yr USAF pilot.
    Mark LaVerne
    Cuda340 ·
    One of our supporting vendors has complained about your Facebook post that contained information about Vinylized Graphics.

    I know, however, that you were just trying to be helpful since you have been a valuable member of Challengertalk since October 2013 and have been thanked 2,709 times by other members.

    In the future, just try to be aware that our supporting vendors pay to promote their products and are very sensitive to other vendors getting free advertising.

    Thanks for understanding.

    -Tom (Cuda340)- Super Moderator
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