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  • Norton1 ·
    I'm interested in one of your catch cans. I have a 2015 Dodge challenger Scat Pack. What do I need for the complete installation and how much does that cost. Black in color for me.


    You can also text me at 208-371-6697
    enemy ·
    I'm looking to order one of your catch cans but would like to see the 2 different orange shades you offer. Is it possible to get some pics of them? I think its hemi orange and go mango and I'm looking for a catch can for my 2018 srt. Thanks
    Mats B ·
    I'm located in Sweden and i want to bye a challenger hellcat front bumper convertion kit and additional parts to fit it to a 2012 r/t .
    I tried to find a e-mail adress on your homepage but i could't find any.

    how much would the shipping cost be ?

    Kind Regards
    Mats Bordal / Sweden
    McDego ·
    I ordered the dead pedal and parking brake cover recently, and forgot to go through you or ask you about it first!

    Do you give discounts for forum members? Shit!
    Wanta ·
    Hello, I'm looking to buy brakes for my 2013 r/t plus. I was interested in the powerstop kits, and was wondering if you had any sales or discounts running on them. I'm more interested in this kit and a Barton short throw. Power Stop 1-Click Street Warrior Brake Kit 2005-2016 3.5L, 3.6L, 5.7L 300/Challenger/Charger/Magnum w/ Solid Rear Rotors

    Thanks for the help
    gm727 ·
    Hello, I am a new challenger rt owner and have recently been told that oil catch cans are a good investment. I would like to know what you recommend for may 17 RT. Thank you for your help!
    ShiftyD ·
    I am having a issue with the bright dead pedal i bought from ya for my 15 scat pack. The adhesive is failing on the pedal and it is sliding down and inwards and looks really bad. The adhesive is solidly adhered to the floor so now I have about a 1/8" ring on 2 sides of it. Do you have a remedy for this?

    Thank you
    ShiftyD ·
    I want to order up some black lug nuts with out the lock and a nonmarring socket, but want to make sure I get the correct parts. This is for a 2015 scat pack shaker with the WRT2 wheel, can you give me your pn#'s for the best match?

    Thanks Kevin
    PaVaSteeler ·
    The Z bracket on my black catch can has faded to a bright purple. I installed the can only about 10 months ago. Just thought you should know.
    Tuck10 ·
    Just wondering if you would know if I would do any harm to my 2015 Challenger who installing new catch can? Another way of asking this question is......Is there a certain brake in time before installing a catch can?
    FlyNavy ·

    Have you guys gotten a hold of a hellcat to see if your catch cans and shock tower braces that you sold for 6.4L fit? I have a 2 pt arched shock tower brace and catch can on my 392 that I want to pull and put on my Hellcat when she gets here. Is this possible or are you still waiting to get a Hellcat on site to verify? Additionally, are you guys working on a strut tower brace? Thanks!


    TigerAce ·
    Hey Mikey, Do you guys still offer the Catch can in green color? Other engine bay accessories as well in green (cap covers, hoses, fuse box cover, etc)
    sfmadmax ·
    Thanks Mikey For your advice today on the phone regarding the speedlogix exhaust, Been listening to the vids, total transformation. (The guy with the busted catch can oring)
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