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  • Stl392 ·
    325 is a huge tire! Mine are 305/18.

    Next Wide Open Wednesday is the 5th and 12th. I should be at both.
    Stl392 ·
    only got 4 runs... one of those nights. Best was 11.77 @ 118.68 so still trying to dial it in. I have some new shoes going on before next time. I have the MT S/S now.. they were good for about 150 passes! Switching to the MT R's now.

    there were a lot of challengers there that night for sure. I talked to a couple guys. Did we talk or no?
    Stl392 ·
    hard to imagine with the snow yesterday, but the first Test n Tune is Saturday the 24th at Gateway!
    cdahl383 ·
    No, I paid less than that. I think $176 for front and $205 for rear? I think it was around 40% off. I noticed they were only doing 35% off around Black Friday. I think normally they are 20%, so maybe those are the normal 20% off prices?
    cdahl383 ·
    I'm running Racestars all around. 17x4.5" front and 17x9.5" rear. Got them from for 40% off last Black Friday. I think they had them for 35% off this year, might still be on sale now. They're great. 80lbs lighter than the stock 20x9's (55lbs front + 25lbs rear).

    Tires I'm running M&H front runner radials (ROD-37) which are 28" tall for a 17" rim and 4.5" wide. Rear tires I'm running M/T ET Street R 305/45/17. Run the M&H's at 37psi cold and run the drag radials between 17-24psi depending on how the track is hooking. I ran 19-22psi most of the time.

    Be sure to get hub centric rings too with the wheels if you get them. They help with mounting the wheels and minimizing vibrations, etc. They should come with the wheels when you order them, but just so you're aware, you'll need those.

    Hope that helps!
    us1champ ·
    i don't drag race.. i used it over the stock flywheel to help engine spool up save a nice chunk of weight. it is a very very nice well build beautiful fit pc.
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