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  • Hugh Jassol ·
    Hugh Jassol wants to know why people can not see his post! Answer Hugh Jassol! Say his name! Say it! Say you like Hugh Jassol!

    Thank You Hugh Jassol!
    madcane ·
    cool thanks, i guess i can try them out what the heck. I spin them off so fast imight as well save some $'s.
    just dont want them to smoke when i punch it at 60 when I want to roast a mustang
    madcane ·
    John what rear tires do you run on around town ?
    I've been running nitto 555 r's, which have been great, but I spin them off so fast, and now it 730 bucks to get 2 new ones mounted.
    I could get toyo proxy 4's and save 300 bucks, but my concern is punching it under speed she may come around with all my HP.
    the nittos just had a slight spin but hook quick when punching it at 60-80 mph.
    SRT5939 ·
    cage is just about finished will be ready friday, Trans is in need to dial in the rev limiter and off to the track to see how it delivers. Can't wiat for challengerfest i'm pumped.
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