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  1. 10.5 with 25 offset won’t fit???

    Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension
    I am betting that the rims are not a 25mm offset. There are dozens of this combination installed on 15 and up Challenger's and no rubbing. I have had this set up as far as rim specs but not your rims on three different cars. A 15 Scat Pack and two 19 Hellcat's . My Scat Pack was lowered on the...
  2. What happens to cars that age on the lot? Plus, with Power Dollars ending...

    General Challenger Discussion
    The real term is winter and cars that are rear wheel drive do not like winter.
  3. Anyone use a Chamois (Shammy) to dry their car?

    Detailing / Car Care
    Wizards Products (Water Bandit). Have used it for years.Large towel for windows.
  4. 3.90 LSD install and results so far

    Dodge Challenger SE/SXT Specific
    Hot Rodding at it's finest. That is a great mod and money well spent for the gains. If you are spinning traction might be all you need to get those times you are after.Put some 315/35/20 on the back and try again for the 13 second times.
  5. 426 Challenger?

    General Challenger Discussion
    Maybe like Ford a special turbo four banger to beat the Mustang or a electric powered car to blow the doors off a Telsa. Wake me up tomorrow at 4:26
  6. 2019 Challenger door locks

    General Challenger Discussion
    This type of technology (autoLock) is even making our fingers fat from lack of exercise.(y)
  7. 2019 Challenger door locks

    General Challenger Discussion
    Can not lock the fob in the car. It blows the horn when you try to. The trunk also will not lock if the fob is in it.
  8. Ceramic coating damage due to no mud flaps?

    Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    Ceramic coating is not meant to be a replacement for mud flaps. It is to stop staining from acid rain and bug guts, bird dropping things that would other wise eat into the finish if left unchecked. The clear films are the best way to protect those areas that see road debris like what is being...
  9. Surprise In Trunk

    General Challenger Discussion
    Yes the brake pedal is a tight fit. Let soak in hot water for a few minutes and it slips right on.
  10. choosing between 2 challengers tomorrow... have a couple of urgent / quick questions.

    General Challenger Discussion
    When does it become a ship.
  11. EXTREME (or rare) mods. Why aren't people taking chances?

    Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    You have set the bar for mods but the Viper motor is a V-10
  12. Rail yard to dealer

    General Challenger Discussion
    Yes good decision on walking from that car. Really surprised they are still taking orders and you might have a positive in that it will be the last one built for 2019 and worth double because of that. Great looking car and did you change anything order wise on options.They told you they were...
  13. Rail yard to dealer

    General Challenger Discussion
    Those covers need to come off to see the damage not just peeking inside. A body man should be able to take those off in about 15 minutes for each end of the car.The only thing that I did get when my wife's car had the front Bumper cover replaced was the paint did match better then the factory...
  14. Rail yard to dealer

    General Challenger Discussion
    Lets ask this question what happens to the car if you do not take it? They have to or should say it was in a accident and they will have to really discount a one year old wrecked car. Or run it thru the auction. I really think they should give you every discount they can to you Emplyee pricing...
  15. Rail yard to dealer

    General Challenger Discussion
    That is way more damage then I would be comfortable with. There is a lot of parts behind those bumper covers.