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  • SinCityMopar ·
    3: Sub (future) JL Audio Stealthbox with 12" 12W3v3 subwoofer- It's pricy @ $585.00 but I like the space savings in the trunk. Or should I say F the space savings and go with a big box set up?

    What are your recommendations?
    Thanks for your time.
    I'm in classic rock and hard rock/metal by the way!

    [email protected]
    SinCityMopar ·
    1: After install of head unit radio reception is piss poor, barely get any channels and reception is piss poor on the ones I do get. After reading the instructions on one of the wiring adapters I'm thinking there may be a wire that did not get connected to the antenna. Does the oem antenna have a powered booster or something that requires 12 volts? Again, the install is under warranty but I'm not taking it back to those clowns.

    2: Speakers- Here's what I'm thinking but correct me if you have a better recommendation....

    Dash: JL Audio C2-350X 3-1/2" Evolution
    Door: C2-690TX 6x9's Evolution
    Rear Deck: C2-650X 6-1/2" Evolution

    I can get all of the above for $285.00
    SinCityMopar ·
    Hey 727kid....I was hoping to pick your brain. I've read many of your posts and its apparent you really know your car audio! You are the go to guy on this forum.

    I was looking for some advice as what way to go with my 13' RT. It came with the base 130 head unit w/ 6 speaker set up. I've upgraded the head unit to a Pioneer avhx8500bhs. I'm trying to plan the rest of my system and was looking for your input.
    I've got to do the upgrade in 2 stages:
    1: replace factory speakers
    2: sub and amps
    I'm just looking to build a good sounding system the first time out. Not planning on continuous tweeking. After much research, I thought I might have found a decent shop locally but after installation of my head unit and back-up cam I was very disappointed and won't let them touch my Challenger again. Which brings me to question #1.....
    jroock917 ·
    I saw on a post you ran your own speaker wires from your amp though the doors. How hard was this? I had the hardest time doing this in my 10' Charger when I had it.


    NJride ·
    I was looking to quiet my interior. My new Zoomer exhaust is great, but the interior gets too loud. I was looking for possibly a dynamat solution but I came across your post where you said, "You would want use to sound deadner on about 25% of the sheet metal. Then cover the sheet metal with a layer of closed cell foam, and then a layer of mass loading vinyl, then the carpet. This solution would drastically reduce noise."

    If I was to do the trunk and under the back seats would this help? What would I look for as far as a sound deadner? I found some closed cell foam and mass loading vinyl on Amazon that I could buy. Just looking for any advice, I hope you can offer some. Thanks!
    huntertrey2011 ·
    Did you ever make a thread about how to dynamat properly? If you don't plan on it could you briefly explain it? I've got the stock Boston Accoustic system and my doors are beginning to rattle. I took my subs out and the rattle is begining to get on my nerves haha
    ginuwyn17 ·
    can u tell me EXACTLY what wire u spliced on the HID lights maybe send me a pic please i got everything done just stuck at this part
    Pink Panther ·
    727 as in the Aviation B727 or the Chrysler 727 tranny? Just curious, I'm in the aviation field and it caught my attention ! Thats all
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