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  • stevewhite ·
    for the supercharger yes, and we would assist you with tuning and assembly, we are very well versed, we have helped a number of people in different countries and in the USA do their own install
    thank you for shopping with us
    Luke V
    stevewhite ·
    couple of different things we can do, basic install with pcm unlock, 7lbs of boost, approx 135 wheel horsepower gain
    9099.00 which includes stage one fuel pump and 7 psi pulley
    250.00 pcm unlock
    would also include a 3/36 power train warranty from the in-service date

    now food for though

    Hellcat short block, transfer all your parts from your 6.4, add HC camshaft, vvt lifters, spring kit, ati super damper, custom on dyno tuning 8995.00, approx 10/11 psi of boost......reliable and flat out wild

    total if doing both at same time $17300.00 + applicable taxes, since out of state no sales taxes on parts

    be glad to answer any questions, we already have one scheduled

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