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  • janning ·

    Obviously you know how hard it is to get the 17.11.37 version update. BIG favor of NO risk or cost to you except a few minutes of your time. If you could go to

    Put in your VIN, and see if it will let you download the 17.11.37 file? IF so email it to me at
    (it may be too big to email, but, if you can download it, I can figure a way to get it to me)

    [email protected]

    As I said, this is of no risk to you whatsoever, and may take 5 minutes of your time..and GREATLY appreciated.
    The update does not Identify you, in any way..the worst of anything would possibly happen to me....toast my unit, I'll
    Take that chance.

    I did not post this, cause if I did, you'd have 1000 people asking you to do this. Needless to say I will not reveal to anyone,
    where or how I got the file, so you don't get hounded.

    Please let me know, Thanks James
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