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  • tony in uk ·
    Good day all
    Please help Do I have the upgrade the internal s of the 392 6.4L I`d like to fit a Procharger at 6 to 7psi but in back of my mind it is confusing dealers say its ok then some say you need to upgrade the pistons can any one who has the procharger fitted have they had a good experience my car is only going to be used for road daily use please help
    tony in uk ·
    :smile::smile:Can somebody help, keen to buy procharger for my srt8 392 6.4L do I really need to change the pistons to forged, have spoken to procharger and they said no mods are needed, the car will only be used for daily driving and not any 1/4 mile providing it is set at 7psi, I keep seeing all sorts of comments ,just can`t make my mind up, what should I do guys out there!!!
    Does the diablo tuner work ? again all sorts of reports I hear its not that good, its a lot of money to spend .Be nice to hear about someone running there procharger in there 392
    thank you all Tony in UK
    tony in uk ·
    Can you help have a srt8 392 core and changing the cloth trim to leather I have done all the rear but a bit worried ? need to remove both front seats so do I need to disconnect the Neg battery lead let it discharge any power then unplug the air bag and power seat plug. It will take me about a couple of days to remove the trim and fit new leather my concern is it ok to leave the car battery lead off for the two days and not lose any memory or codes to the car have been told this should be ok?
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