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  • Dragongunner ·
    Thanks for recommending to me the Solo exhaust for my RT 5A. Just put it on and sounds great! I got the cat back X pipe (no muffler) system. Thanks again!
    409 Fever ·
    I am really interested in buying the lifetime max care warranty you are talking about.

    I have a Scat Shaker and want the lifetime bumper to bumper.
    Do you mind telling me who you bought it from (Zeigler?)?

    What is a good price/ 4K miles /6mo old...
    I would really like to hear feedback from an ACTUAL customer like you before I drop 3,000.00.
    deranged ·
    Also.................I'm all over Tudor and Trans Am 2.

    Hell you might even see some poor SOB driving the $hit out of one of those big fat Dodge's in one of those. hehehehe!
    NDPalacios ·

    My Name is Nicko and I own a 2010 Dodge challenger 6speed. I am about to pull the trigger on BC coilovers, SPC UCAs and rear bushings and debateing between PSS 255/45/20s or Continental Extremecontact DW 275/40/20. I noticed you had a lot of the same mods when you had your GWE Challenger. BTW, sorry about the loss. I can tell you really got a lot of enjoyment out of your mopar!

    Anyways I was curious if you could share some advice on my set-up in reguards to the coilover install, UCA install and which tire you would recommend...

    Let me know, thanks!
    dodgetimes2 ·
    Sorry to hear about your GWE. I have the same car (GWE classic, 6speed) and was wondering about the documentation you got from Chrysler regarding production numbers. Is this something you could share with me (minus any personal information that may be on said documents)? I've been researching production numbers for GWEs and would love to have something official to back it up. So far I know there was like 400 something GWE non-SRTs and that there were more automatics than manuals so the 149 sounds right. Thanks for your time.

    Havoc51 ·
    Thanks for posting the video on getting the EVIC into extended mode. I just got my 2012 R/T last week and it was driving me crazy trying to figure out how to get in to it.
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