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  • dmunks ·
    Hey man, wanted to say thanks for being supportive. At least, seems like you get what I might be going through on this. Not trying to bash a cool car, just sharing what is going on in hopes it would get noticed. Seems it did. thanks again.
    chipset35 ·
    Hi YJ, as you can see I am back looking at Challengers again.
    Good to see you are still active here, as you were always a big help to me.
    angelasotomayor ·
    Hi Yellow Jacket, I came across a post from 2013, decided to send this message to see if you can help me or give me any ideas about the trouble I'm still having with my 2009 Challenger.
    I have taken the car to the dealer, 4 times now in the last 5 months for them to fix my starting problem. (Was having issues with aftermarket remote starter, which I had completely removed) Everything has checked out fine with this car. Battery was bought in 2013. Dealer replaced a Relay-Micro back in December, still had trouble starting car. Couple days ago, I took the car back and they replaced the Win Module. Car worked fine the day I picked it up, but the next morning, I had to try twice to start it. I drove it for about 35 minutes, car was off for about 20 minutes, when I tried to start it, it took 3 tries. Took it back to the dealer, yesterday, the car was starting fine for them. They are gonna try again today to see if it doesn't start. Any ideas what else it could be?
    Ken Cuda ·
    Hi this is ken. We've talk here and I believe we meet at Carlisle. I was wondering if you do Facebook as we are getting a YJ page going. Would love to add another one.
    ghostrt ·
    He got it done for free ... awhile back maybe 3 weeks or so ago the company posted here that if you would dyno your car before and after they would do a free port job in hopes of showing everyone what they could do and then we would all want it ... why he is not saying what we kinda already knew about is beyond me but I didn't want to post it there cause it wasn't my place to ... but I am curious to see if there are any real gains .. lol
    ry1980 ·
    Hello Yellow Jacket 2012: I would like to ask for your opinion on Challenger. I noticed that you had a Mustang before (2) and now have Challenger. While I like the Mustang for it's horsepower, driving manner, I absolutely detest the ride, which seems rough. I am not sure how you felt about the ride in Mustang versus Challenger.

    May be I am getting too old. But I have been looking at Challenger for some time (last 3 years) and when it was time, I pulled the trigger based on the performance numbers and brief drive at the dealership.

    I am seriously considering trading my Mustang for the SRT8. Any input you may have is valuable. Thank you for your time in advance.
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