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  1. Emissions recall

    Technical Service Bulletins & Recalls
    Funny thing is.. I did a hard track day at Road Atlanta over the summer. I went to fill my car up on the way home and fuel started leaking out from the evap canister location (rear right wheel well). It leaked an alarming amount. However, I never had the issue again. The SRT and 2015 Scat Pack...
  2. ReadyAlert braking feature

    General Challenger Discussion
    Has anyone felt this feature kick in? Funny thing is, I have felt it many times before but didnt know what it was at the time. Over the years i have become very in tune to how my car reacts. It feels like the brakes become very sensitive when it kicks in. Its a pretty neat feature although...
  3. Track weekend at Michelin Road Atlanta Raceway

    Road Course / Autocross
    If you ever get the urge to do it again you should definitely come up and run Michelin Road Atlanta. It is a roller coaster of a track! I will never forget the first time I went under the bridge for turns 11/12. :lol:
  4. 6.4L Temperature Maximums

    General Challenger Discussion
    I currently have petty's garage front/rear adjustable swaybars, front/rear double strut braces, mopar stage 1 springs and stoptech stainless brake lines. The thing turns on a dime compared to stock. However, I noticed that under very hard braking it felt off. Floaty is the best way I can...
  5. Gas leakage after track day!

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    Thanks guys. As a note, I did not overfill the tank. Once the fuel nozzle clicks off then I call it a day. I never try to top off as its a bit silly to do. However, the nozzle could have been defective and maybe it didnt shut off in time? I too was thinking the CEL should've come on if the...
  6. Gas leakage after track day!

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    A few weeks ago I did a HPDE track weekend event at Michelin Road Atlanta Raceway. After the second day I left the track and stopped by a gas station to fill up. After filling my car up I noticed what looked to be water dripping out behind the rear passenger side wheel well. Upon further...
  7. Track weekend at Michelin Road Atlanta Raceway

    Road Course / Autocross
    Over the last year I have been getting into road course events with my challenger. My local track is Michelin Road Atlanta Raceway. I enjoy the hell out of it. It is a weekend full of adrenaline. I finally compiled my video from my last weekend HPDE on 6/15-6/16. Below is one of my runs during...
  8. 6.4L Temperature Maximums

    General Challenger Discussion
    Luke, My car is a 2015 with approximately 40k miles. I have mopar stage 1 springs and factory blistein shocks. Under very hard braking (IE: 130-140 mph to 60 mph) I am noticing the car feels a little "floaty". I am thinking this has to do with the factory rubber bushings. Would you recommend...
  9. 6.4L Temperature Maximums

    General Challenger Discussion
    That will be next on my radar. I appreciate the advice! I have tracked my car multiple times before and never had any issues with oil temps overheating to this degree. I believe the hot and humid day contributed to this. Lots of other cars were having similar issues with oil temps (including a...
  10. 6.4L Temperature Maximums

    General Challenger Discussion
    As always, your advice is always appreciated:smile: I have learned a lot over the last year. For any track weekend events I take off two days beforehand and one day after. This gives me two days to prep the car. I have created a checklist as well so that I don't forget anything. I change my...
  11. 6.4L Temperature Maximums

    General Challenger Discussion
    Thank you all for your replies. I apologize that I have not replied sooner. I ended up getting swamped with completing work to get my car prepped for the track. The weekend went really well. I moved into the solo class during my last event and have been putting a lot of effort into studying...
  12. 6.4L Temperature Maximums

    General Challenger Discussion
    I occasionally do HPDE road course track events at Road Atlanta. Last time I went, I noticed my oil temp got up into the 270's (approx as I'm going off of memory). I run Amsoil synthetic and change it before my events. However, it concerns me a bit that it got that high. We run 20 minute...
  13. Floor Jack

    General Maintenance Discussion
    I am definitely going to go this route in the future. Now that I have installed my petty front/rear sway bars (and mopar springs), the car is a fickle ***** to jack up. Anywhere you jack on one side lifts the entire side almost immediately. I always get a little nervous jacking up one side and...
  14. What’s this switch in my 16 scat pack?

    General Challenger Discussion
    Maybe it pops a mini-turret out of the trunk and turns the uconnect screen into a targeting system? Jealous..
  15. Lowering my 2016 RT with Mopar Stage 1 springs

    Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension
    I have the Mopar stage 1 springs and it seemed like it took a month or so before they fully settled. Be sure to give it adequate time before getting an alignment. Every car will be different. I only had one tire slightly out of spec and it has not caused any issues with tires.
  16. Service Power Steering

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    There have been multiple recommendations to pull your battery cable for 10 or so minutes. Try that and report back.
  17. WTB: 9.5" wide OEM wheels - curb rash okay

    Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    I'm looking to buy a set of 9.5" wide OEM wheels to use at the track. They can be from a hellcat or Scat pack as long as they are 9.5" wide. Curb rash or minor cosmetic damage is okay. Thx! MODS - No longer needed. Feel free to delete the post. I picked up some locally.
  18. SOLD: 2019 Black Scat Pack Charger Wheels

    Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    What is the width? Are they 9 or 9.5"?
  19. 1st Oil Change

    General Maintenance Discussion
    MS-12633 is a scam created so that Penzoil would only have this spec when it first came out. It requires a two year taxi fleet test. It's all about $$ and not actual creating a spec that makes the oil any better. Just use a high quality full synthetic. I use Amsoil and love it.
  20. Jack one tire, hurt the frame?

    How-To, DIY and Tips & Tricks
    Purchase a quality pinch weld adaptor to Jack your car up and Jack up one side until both wheels come off of the ground. Place jack stands at the lift points front/rear and you're good to go. You're not going to hurt the car by twisting it. Unibodies flex all the time. You can even hear the car...
1-20 of 177 Results