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  1. 6.1L vs 6.4L Why the BIG Difference in Performance?

    General Challenger Discussion
    Way to go digging through the cemetery and make your first post an argumentative one.
  2. Which heat exchanger to go with?

    Forced Induction
    "Ugly" is subjective. I think the Whipples are pretty ugly compared to my Maggie. But I do realize that Whipple makes far larger SC Cases and can ultimately deliver more power. So if 1/4 mile times are the end game it's going to be Whipple and KB over the Maggie. The biggest maggie we have that...
  3. Which heat exchanger to go with?

    Forced Induction
    That's just a high performance ventilated piston. It allows them to go up and down faster.... :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  4. 6.4 Supercharged With Diablo Trinity

    Forced Induction
    Correct me if I'm wrong but can't the Trinity be used to load a custom CMR tune?
  5. Which heat exchanger to go with?

    Forced Induction
    Yes this is exactly correct. If you were to properly re-gap the stock rings you could likely run more boost with ? zero issues so long as you are well tuned. The other thing is the slugs are Hyperutectic so they aren't forgiving to detonation (others use Hyper slugs in FI setups). Most folks...
  6. Supercharger help 5.7 hemi

    Forced Induction
    No shavings, stupid bit walked on me a little. I made sure it was good and deburred and cleaned with brake clean when I was done with it. No going back but replacement pills are cheap. It's been good though :)
  7. Supercharger help 5.7 hemi

    Forced Induction
    Yep that's the one. They are warning you not to adjust or tinker with the linkage. The restrictor pill is in the vacuum hose that comes off of that canister. Stock hole size. I chose to go "slightly larger" :D
  8. Supercharger help 5.7 hemi

    Forced Induction
    If you want to toy around with making the boost come on harder/faster there is a small brass "pill" restrictor in the vacuum line that runs from the SC snout to the Vacuum Actuator for the boost bypass valve. I took mine out and it was too instant so I drilled the hole out slightly larger and...
  9. Supercharger help 5.7 hemi

    Forced Induction
    Can I trade in my 2300 on a 2650??? 😁😁😁
  10. Worst wrecked Hellcat rebuild

    Challenger Chat Lounge
    I love the Goonzquad and Vtuned. They make me feel like maybe there's hope for humanity. Those kids all bust their butts and they do very nice work too! Yeah at first they had to fund new projects by selling finished cars. They still do plan on thinning the herd a little and they're...
  11. Worst wrecked Hellcat rebuild

    Challenger Chat Lounge
    Glad to help out! Most of us start out just doing it for fun. For some folks it takes off and becomes a business and I would like to think they are still doing it for fun but also enjoying that it developed into something more. Back in the early days of Youtube there was no monetization. And...
  12. Worst wrecked Hellcat rebuild

    Challenger Chat Lounge
    Ok you don't understand how YouiTube works so let me explain it. I have a YouTube channel, I earn a few grand a year from it, so I've got some experience here. Youtube runs ads. If you go through all of the hoops and are verified and have the proper tax paperwork on file with google then you...
  13. Any way to make the forum wider?

    Community Help
    Hey Mods, With this new update to the XenForo software it's very narrow. I know I can adjust my zoom but I was wondering if there was a setting I was missing that would expand the actual forum out to the sides (max width) on my browser, Firefox.
  14. Worst wrecked Hellcat rebuild

    Challenger Chat Lounge
    He's not doing anything illegal or against their TOS. All channels that want to become successful have to have some sort of "hook" this is his... Is it click baity? Sure... But they all are! :)
  15. Worst wrecked Hellcat rebuild

    Challenger Chat Lounge
    Oh yeah good point about the vin swap! Actually he couldn't use the vin off the burnt car because it was written off as a Destruction Title and you basically can't bring that back from the dead except by doing what he did. So yeah he's using the vin off the green car.
  16. Worst wrecked Hellcat rebuild

    Challenger Chat Lounge
    He basically pulled a fast one.... He bought another wrecked hellcat and used it's body and a few of his floor pan panels and his VIN. It'll be fine... But I think he realized there was no way he could use all the structural parts of the old car. Everyone explained to him those parts were...
  17. Favorite Youtube video?

    Off-Topic Discussion
    LOL :)
  18. What Other Models would You Like to See Rivian Produce?

    The Garage: For OTHER car talk
    I just want to see Rivian get the R1T to market and be a successful business. More competition in the EV Market will drive all companies to improve. The R1T looks very practical!
  19. Supercharger help 5.7 hemi

    Forced Induction
    I think it wasn't too long after I got my Maggie from them that they started going under. It is a shame indeed. They were once the go-to. To the point where they worked with Dodge directly. No idea what happened.
  20. I want to hear your Challenger story

    Off-Topic Discussion
    1. Current Model /Trim? 2011 Toxic Orange SRT8 2. Was this your first Challenger (if no, what did you previously own)? This was my first Challenger but I previously owned a Hemi 300C 3. Why did you upgrade? I grew up around fast Mopars. My Dad raced a factory 68 Super Stock A/Auto...
1-20 of 480 Results