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  1. Tune vs. Warranty

    General Challenger Discussion
    Hey Stevewhiteparts....thanks again for your informative and authoritative response to this thread. You've summed it up nicely for anyone wondering about a tune and the potential impact on the manufacturers warranty.
  2. Tune vs. Warranty

    General Challenger Discussion
    Agreed.....this is just the way things are for now. It's a never-ending game of cat-n-mouse. For now, the cat (manufacturers) seem to be on top! As for tuners, the bar has been raised significantly. If they want to regain anything close to the aftermarket share that they once enjoyed 10 to 15...
  3. Tune vs. Warranty

    General Challenger Discussion
    Nah...I'm good. All I wanted was a quick reason why it wrecked the motor. Thanks again!
  4. Tune vs. Warranty

    General Challenger Discussion
    Just out of curiosity, how did the Mopar CAR wreck the motor?
  5. Tune vs. Warranty

    General Challenger Discussion
    Good question, I'm curious as well. From what I know, the only time Dodge cares if you are running a tune is if there is a warrantied component or system failure. Then, game-on! Keep in mind, it is common for dealer service departments to scan the vehicle computer during routine service. If...
  6. Ceramic Coating Brembro brake calipers and the wheels?

    General Maintenance Discussion
    As a former professional detailer, I will tell you that today's ceramic coatings do have some advantages over conventional waxes and/or paint sealants. The most notable being that the shine can last for years depending on the quality of the ceramic coating. However, the shine characteristic is...
  7. Opinions on High Flow Cats

    Intake & Exhaust
    I would strongly suggest looking into the "High-Flow" cats actual flow numbers. See the experience deano379 above had? The term "High-Flow" means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING unless there is data to prove that these cats actually flow significantly better than what you already have! In my opinion, the...
  8. Trinity tune and upcoming visit to stealership

    General Challenger Discussion
    If your dealer allows you to be in the service bay while the oil change is done (and that is kinda cool by the way), I would not mention anything at all about accessing the OBDII port. Why raise any suspicion unnecessarily? In the future, if you are concerned about the dealer accessing the...
  9. Ceramic coating anybody done it

    Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    Some more advice for anyone considering ceramic coating: If you are savvy with a DA (dual action) polisher, consider experimenting a little bit. There are a number of ceramic coatings available direct to the consumer through detail supply companies. As I previously mentioned the vast...
  10. Ceramic coating anybody done it

    Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    Tshane72.. You car looks fantastic! Keep it up! The intent of my post above was not to dissuade anyone from getting a ceramic coating, but more to educate them on what the real-world performance would be like. Ceramic coatings do offer some considerable advantages. I bet it took a good...
  11. Ceramic pro coating treatment ??

    Detailing / Car Care
    Here's some info from a professional installer... Hey guys...I just posted my thoughts on a similar topic in the "Exterior Enhancements" forum. I'm cutting and pasting it here as it does seem to fit this conversation as well. Here it is: I've been installing ceramic coatings at a local...
  12. Seat leather has lost its aroma

    Interior Discussion / Modifications
    This Chemical guys Leather Scent product is awesome at bringing back that truly rich new leather smell. It does work very well. Just doesn't last very long. I would spray it all over the back seat and back seat carpet (hardly any back seat passengers anyway) and you could smell the rich new...
  13. Ceramic coating anybody done it

    Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    Some personal experience from an installer... I've been installing ceramic coatings at a local detail shop and have some thoughts to share. The vast majority of the cost of having a coating installed (industry doesn't like us to use the term "applied") is in the paint correction process. This...
  14. After market rocker panels question..

    Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    So, I have a set of rocker panels (side skirts) I bought from Heide Performance Products (HPP) a few years ago. I need some replacements. I know HPP went out of business a while back, but I could have sworn I saw these rocker panels being offered by another company. Anyone know anything about...
  15. F/S: 2011 SRT8 Wheels Nicely Refinished..

    Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    Thanks for the compliments guys! Only way to make them look better is to see them on a nice ride, where they belong!
  16. F/S: 2011 SRT8 Wheels Nicely Refinished..

    Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    A complete set of 4 "black pocket" SRT8 rims. These rims have been refinished with a very high-gloss black in the pockets and then I had them refinish the barrels in the same high-gloss black, then clear coated. They are gorgeous! All work done by a local professional wheel shop. I never got the...
  17. WTB: SRT WPA Black Pocket Wheels

    Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    Are these the ones you are looking for (see pic)? if so, I have a set of 4 that I am interested in selling. I had them professionally refinished. I wanted a higher gloss black, and also wanted the barrels to be the same very high gloss black as well. The factory did a crummy job on the barrels...
  18. Qustions about Liberty Walk Spoiler...

    General Challenger Discussion
    Thanks A Guy. I did try a search using a different search engine (trying to avoid google as much as possible) and only came up with the full body kit. Searched google and just like you said, I found it listed for a grand. Kinda pricey for just a spoiler. But I do like it. Thanks again. Has...
  19. Qustions about Liberty Walk Spoiler...

    General Challenger Discussion
    I like the look of the Liberty Walk rear spoiler. The one that is part of their wide body kit. Is it possible to purchase the rear spoiler only? Anyone here have one installed? Post a pic? How was the spoiler install? Does it require drilling? Thanks in advance...
  20. Winter Window Freeze - My Solution

    How-To, DIY and Tips & Tricks
    Fair enough! I don't think dry lube should ordinarily drip or smudge though. It was just a thought. I live in Las Vegas, so I probably won't ever get the chance to try it myself. You may very well have the best solution already...
1-20 of 264 Results