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  1. Whataya think of this deal...?

    General Challenger Discussion
    anxiety is putting it lightly. next time the splitter will be into the curb and the $$$ will be adding up quickly. :)
  2. 2018 Challenger T/A backup camera

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    My 2016 SPS does this from time to time. I tap the rear spoiler near the camera, then open the trunk and tap the trunk liner near the camera and it fixes it every time. I haven't had a chance to take it in to get it looked at, but I have 8 months of warranty left, and the 8 year plan like you. I...
  3. Challenger scatpack vs charger scatpack

    2015 to Current R/T Scat Pack 392
    [email protected] sounds about right. High 11's at 118 to 124 MPH, I call bs. Please post time slips and I will apologize. No way you can run that kind of MPH with just tires and a tazer.
  4. Got a Dodge Challenger Video? Post it in here.

    Picture/Media/Art Post
    Okay A Guy, thanks for the reply. I tried to embed but I guess it's too large. I'll have to post to youtube and link it here.
  5. Any rebates on new 2018's?

    General Challenger Discussion
    I've posted this before but here goes. I bought my 2016 SPS when the 2018's were about to come out. They had the car listed at 12k off but I said I had to have more. After 2 or 3 days of negotiating I got 15k off. I plan on keeping the car at least 5 more years (I got the extended warranty from...
  6. Got a Dodge Challenger Video? Post it in here.

    Picture/Media/Art Post
    Hey guys, how do you attach a video? I tried to attach and to copy, but no luck. I tried a MOV file and an MPEG. Maybe they are too big? One was 17 MB and the other 35 MB.
  7. Rocket man.

    Off-Topic Discussion
    I like the "rocket" car, but a real rocket would be more fun :)
  8. Looking for a 2015 392 OE Rim

    Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension
    That is a great price, but just so you know those wheels are used and reconditioned. It's in the small print at the end of the specs page.
  9. Why do I go sideways?

    Dodge Challenger R/T Specific
    The entrance to my work parking lot. I do a "little" rolling burnout every morning.
  10. Reusing TPMS?

    Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension
  11. Challenger “Ghoul”

    General Challenger Discussion
    Yep, it's a joke. Look at the date of the story (April 1).
  12. Hypothetical Value Question

    SRT Hellcat 6.2L Supercharged (2015 - )
    Sorry, just re-read your post and saw Redeye, not Scat Pack. Now I'm really jealous. The advice goes double now. Make sure you go to a track to check out the 200+ top end and not the highway. Do as I say, not as I do :)
  13. Hypothetical Value Question

    SRT Hellcat 6.2L Supercharged (2015 - )
    Awesome news and a great choice. Can't wait to see pics when you get it. Take it easy at first, these 392's have addicting power. On the way to work this morning I got up to triple illegal speeds on the highway before I knew it. Fortunately I didn't see another car, but you never know when the...
  14. The "Vixen" Challenger

    Track Talk
    Hey 750-h2, Nice looking car :) I raced a 750 kawasaki back in the early 70's.
  15. Wide Body Discontinued!

    General Challenger Discussion
    I understand about getting exactly what you want. Also agree some of those deals have strings attached, but not all. Some are simply listed as dealer discount.
  16. Wide Body Discontinued!

    General Challenger Discussion
    So if it's true that only customer orders are going thru he's probably not getting that car right? Also I don't get people ordering cars and getting 3 or 4k off when I searched and found 36 WB cars within 150 miles of DC and most were showing 6-8k off.
  17. Challenger 1320 pricing tool is up

    General Challenger Discussion
    Thats 2 different cars. The first link is for a Destroyer Grey Scat Pack Widebody, but the VIN listed is for a Plum Crazy 1320.
  18. Wide Body Discontinued!

    General Challenger Discussion
    Assuming they are only taking customer orders, why are there 36 on the ground within 150 miles of the DC area? I'm sure that means there are 100's around the country. Finface, have you looked to see if any would be like you would order one within a couple of hundred miles of you? You could have...
  19. Wide Body Discontinued!

    General Challenger Discussion
    Thats kind of what I thought Luke. I still think he should buy what he wants now. Why wait months when he could be driving next week?
  20. Wide Body Discontinued!

    General Challenger Discussion
    I just did a quick search on the Dodge site. Within 150 miles of my location in Maryland there were 36 WB Scats. Almost every color was represented. Most were pretty much fully optioned with MSRP's between 52-55k. Almost all had discounts of 6-8k. How much were you hoping to get off on an...
1-20 of 48 Results