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  1. H - Hour, D - Day, Who's Ordering A Hellcat Today?

    SRT Hellcat 6.2L Supercharged (2015 - )
    Ordered ours this morning. Was told having a VON doesn't mean your getting one right away. It all depends on dealer allocation :indifferent:
  2. Hellcat Color Pic Comparison

    SRT Hellcat 6.2L Supercharged (2015 - )
    Hemi Orange in M.Y. 2016? Geeze, now I might have to wait :indifferent:
  3. Video: For those Granite Hellcat lovers

    SRT Hellcat 6.2L Supercharged (2015 - )
    Great review but he should be slapped into next week for driving it on dirt/gravel :mah:
  4. Hellcat turns 10:90's off the trailer!

    SRT Hellcat 6.2L Supercharged (2015 - )
    Is that picture of a Hemi Orange Challenger with the Hellcat?:ohyeah:
  5. Bay Area Challengers Check In and Let's Meet

    San Jose also :redblob: NorCalChallengers
  6. Bay Area Challengers Meet On Thursday Nights

  7. Do you ever have to add coolant?

    General Challenger Discussion
    Don't mean to highjack this thread but I just witnessed the lower radiator hose collapsing on our SRT8 yesterday. I had a friend rev the engine while I watched. Almost the whole length of hose was collapsed. The coolant level has stayed the same since day one. I think I'll replace the hose with...
  8. Alarm system?

    Car Electronics- Lights, Fuses, Audio & Video
    I do believe it's a company called Viper Security.
  9. Calling all NorCal Challengers

    :bigthumb: :thumbsup: :ohyeah: :rocker: .
  10. 0-60 in your 6.1L

    6.1L (2008 - 2010)
    4.96. '09 automatic. Before any mods were done.
  11. Do you get paranoid or anxious parking your car and leaving it there unwatched?

    General Challenger Discussion
    Safeway parking lot, middle of the night. We park, no vehicles within 4 rows of our car. Come out 10 minutes later to see this....
  12. Hemi and Header Orange Challengers

    Picture/Media/Art Post
    2009 HO SRT8 daily driver. 46k miles
  13. Eibach Pro System Kit

    Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension
    We had just the springs installed on our '09 SRT8. Had the alignment checked and it was way off. Installed the Eibach alignment kit front and rear. It's all good now :clap:
  14. orange challenger facebook page

    General Challenger Discussion
    Thanks for setting that up :thanks: Added ours .
  15. Hoods

    Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    'Cuda II carbon fiber hood from :thumbsup:
  16. Hood question

    Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    Make that 3 for the Cuda II. :thumbsup:
  17. Speedlogix Strut brace

    Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension
    Re-torque the mount bolts. .
  18. Clunking rear end

    General Challenger Discussion
    We have an 09 SRT8 automatic. It makes the same clunking sound. Just like when a u-joint goes bad. :shrug03:
  19. Show those black wheels!

    Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension
    Thank you Junkman
  20. Shop in Northern California?

    Where about in Northern California?
1-20 of 471 Results