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  1. RT and scat pack daily drivers

    General Challenger Discussion
    LOL... Destroyed that paint job!
  2. Hellcat Purchase M6 or A8?

    General Challenger Discussion
    Michigan.. SE
  3. Hellcat Purchase M6 or A8?

    General Challenger Discussion
    Thanks for confirming... Much appriciated. I was slammed with work, back to back conference callls so I had to email my guy at the dealership and he hasn's responded yet.
  4. Hellcat Purchase M6 or A8?

    General Challenger Discussion
    I did the cv delete on my current Challenger and switched to Amsoil Synchromesh fluid. It has corrected most of it but I still have the occasional battle with second gear. Was hoping tremec improved their synchros for second gear at this point. Sent from my SM-T350 using Tapatalk
  5. Hellcat Purchase M6 or A8?

    General Challenger Discussion
    Did you have the second gear grind with any of your M6's.? Sent from my SM-T350 using Tapatalk
  6. Looking to upgrade my differential any suggestions

    Performance Modifications
    Here is the on These are the only roller rockers that I am aware of for the Gen III Hemi. The peformance gains you will get from going to rollers will not be worth the cost if that is why you are wanting to go with those...
  7. MMX drop in rods and pistons with Nitrous

    Did he mean the pistons or the 5.7 engine. Wondering if the stock nodular iron crank can handle that much power.
  8. Black Lug Nuts: Paint, Cap or Replace?

    Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension
    I went with these: They have quite a few different designs if you don't like those.. Just look for the following specs: Lug Nut Thread Size:14mm x 1.50 RH Lug Nut Seat...
  9. Anyone tried a 3.70 gear swap?

    It's hard to calculate what the 0-60 or 1/4 mile improvements are just by running the numbers. Your best bet is to do the math on the gears and see if you are okay with the RPM ranges for each gear... especially your top cruising gear. Also the lower gears don't always improve 1/4 mile times...
  10. Black Lug Nuts: Paint, Cap or Replace?

    Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension
    Those caps will not work over the locking nut. I assume they would look kind of cheap as well. They used those quite often in the 90s, they actually threaded on though, I foresee issues with those staying on. If you do decide to go with new lug nuts you want to make sure you get the correct...
  11. Convertible Demon Florida

    General Challenger Discussion
    I agree.. not sure what the thought process was there. I don't think that car can even run at the strip now!?
  12. 6.4L - Oil question - confused

    General Maintenance Discussion
    I like that you brought up the drain internval. I don't think most people give that much thought. I will usually let mine drian close to an hour. It takes time for the oil to completely drain from the top side of the engine. I have to use 8 quarts to top it off. That tells me I have as much of...
  13. 392 Intake Manifold on 5.7 installed!

    Performance Modifications
    Josh with HHP was able to remove it completely with my tune. Maybe there is a bug with HP Tuners that needs to be fixed. I heard with the Diablo software they had to work out quite a few issues along the way. May not hurt to give support call!? just a thought.
  14. 392 Intake Manifold on 5.7 installed!

    Performance Modifications
    It would be nice to be able to just run in like that. I wonder if there is a difference with the ECU's for the cars that come equiped? I would think to save on production costs they would all have it for all. It would be nice to confirm. While on the tuning topic... Is there a way to access the...
  15. Playing with oil weight

    General Maintenance Discussion
    Thanks for the info.. I thought about throwing numbers up there but not sure how much people want to get into it. Also, I said the frist number bumps up the second number! and yes the viscosity change is so slight you won't see a change in oil pressure. I just found it interesting that the...
  16. Playing with oil weight

    General Maintenance Discussion
    I did a little research on this and I found the following: I monitored the oil pressure while running the 5w-20 to compare to the 0w-40. There is an average of 1-3lbs increase in the oil pressure using the 0w-40; the 3lb increase is more so when the oil is cold. No difference in pressure when...
  17. Torqstorm Superchargers

    Forced Induction
  18. Think it's Totaled ??

    General Challenger Discussion
    My wife just got hit in her Charger and pushed in-between a light pole and a telephone pole. Front of the car on one pole the rear of the car on the other with a cargo van right inbetween the doors. Caused 27k in damage hence totaled. To get to my point I just learned they typically total the...
  19. Transmission jerking

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    Does it go into reverse quickly or does it take a few seconds then go into reverse hard and make the knocking sound? Did it have the prolem as soon as he fluid and filter was changed? Is there any issues with it going from park to drive? Any delay or jerking when you accelerate from a stop?
  20. Alignment help

    General Challenger Discussion
    They are talking about the rear sub frame. There are 4 bolts that hold that in. They will just loosen those bolts and adjust the sub frame. It's really no big deal, most guys that have replaced there rear sub frame bushings have to have that adjusted after. IT's actually part of the alignment...
1-20 of 475 Results