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  1. Drag Pack Challenger photos @ Westbury

    Westbury Jeep/Chrystler/Dodge
    Driveable Drag Pak The car as delivered is ready for the rear running gear but none is supplied. Also transmission, roll bar, harness, engine setup, wiring, wheels and tires, and a ton of other things must be completed. Some assembly required, battery not included might be a better way to...
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    New Member Introductions
    Challengers Hello all, Well I have had dodge for years but two cars I really enjoy are my 2009 SRT8 Challenger in Hemi Orange and one I just received. After a 2 year wait I have just received my 2010 Challenger Drag Pak, numver 41 of 100. The direction in the glove box said some assembly...
  3. Drag Pack for sale

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    2010 Drag pack photos Here are some shots of number 41. Going to get a good sterio and put milk crates in the back
  4. Drag Pack Challenger photos @ Westbury

    Westbury Jeep/Chrystler/Dodge
    My 2010 Drag Pack I just received my 2010 Drag Pack number 41 and looking to get ideas on how to finish the car. The instructions said some assembly required.Thinking of a mopar 727 race transmission with 3,800 stall converter, 3.55 rear and working for there. Also what brain would be good to...
1-4 of 4 Results