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  1. Transmission 2nd to 3rd gear slip.

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    A club member had a similar issue not too long ago. Turned out to be a bad torque converter. Brand new car with a few thousand miles on it as well.
  2. Saleen Challenger ...thoughts?

    General Challenger Discussion
    Saleen switch a long while ago to Kenne Bell supercharges which have been CARB approved for years now, meaning that they will certainly pass smog tests. The new Saleen Challengers have three versions now. The White Label, the Yellow Label and the Black Label. The Black Label is the looker of...
  3. Zoomers power decrease

    2015 Challenger Information & Discussions
    True that. Further, some of the scenarios being thrown about work under the assumption that our Challengers were designed to perform best without an exhaust system. To the contrary, they were specifically designed for the exhaust system that they come with, which takes into account both...
  4. Timing chain failure on the Dodge Challenger

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    Tomorrow morning (7/27/15) The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) will announce the largest fine in U.S. Auto history against FCA/Chrysler revolving around some 23 recalls which either lacked proper notice to consumers, suffered delays in recall repairs and other related...
  5. Looking for public opinions on hood decal

    General Challenger Discussion
    ... #1 ... .
  6. ChallengerJam'Drive Dem Skittles' July 11, 2015

    'cause we be making Skittles. :thumbsup: . .
  7. Shop refuses to fill with anything but synthetic oil

    General Challenger Discussion
    Just the correct oil weight is required by Chrysler. The specific weight varies across Challenger models, so check your owners manual. ---- Known to few, as partly mentioned above, is that none of your off-of-the-shelf synthetic oils are 100% synthetic. They are made with a blend of synthetic...
  8. 392 bigblock?

    6.4L / 392ci (2011 - ?)
    The 5.7L in our cars is a basically a newly designed 345 cubic inch Hemi. The 6.4L is a 345 stroker. The 6.2L that the Hellcat uses is basically a 6.4L but with a bigger and stronger crank shaft which reduced its stroke and thus shrinking it to 6.2L. All are small blocks. I think some people get...
  9. Problems with Webb Sequential Turnsignal Kit

    Interior Discussion / Modifications
    Pretty sure that the Mopar sequentials are made by Webelectric. Also, I thought the Webelectric kit had a lifetime warranty, so long as you are the original purchaser.
  10. raVenX Honorable Mention

    General Challenger Discussion
    Thanks again all, I am very humbled. Just know that it was Rattler249, a fellow club and ChallengerTalk member, who lived many hours away and came to almost every club event that we had putting untold miles on his car, who was ground zero for the timing chain failures. Without his engine...
  11. Compliments

    General Challenger Discussion
    I tell many of our newer club members with newer Challengers that they missed out on what us old timers called "Instant Rock Star Status" inflicted on us by merely owning a Challenger and getting caught out in public with it. In the very early days of the Challenger, there were very limited...
  12. raVenX Honorable Mention

    General Challenger Discussion
    Very much appreciated all. Good to see the issue come full circle and have it resolved with a recall. My car currently has 82,000 miles but after discovering the issue (at about 40,000 miles), I began driving only in manual mode on the freeway which enabled me to get over 80,000 miles without a...
  13. Dealer Disagreement-How to Handle?

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    If the car is under warranty, the recourse is to demand arbitration per the warranty contract. If the car is not under warranty, usually service is guaranteed for a minimum of 30-days. Send a formal letter requesting a refund for the unsatisfactory service performed, and if they decline, small...
  14. PDX Challengers at Springfest 9!

    Thank you for making the trip. We all enjoyed having you. :thumbsup:
  15. Oil Change Interval question

    General Challenger Discussion
    Mobil 1 synthetic oil is rated out to 20k miles. I wouldn't go that far between oil changes, but synthetic oils take much longer to break down than conventional oils, hence you can go longer between oil changes. Although, many (including myself) practice a 5-6k mile oil change intervals, it...
  16. Oil Change Interval question

    General Challenger Discussion
    The EVIC chime is triggered by engine hours not mileage. Took me a while to figure that one out.
  17. Mopar Challenger made for Spring Fest by Chrysler

    General Challenger Discussion
    According to Mopar: 1. The color is simply being called "Special" for now. It hasn't been named. It's not B5 or B7 blue. 2. The logo on the lower front fender is a special Mopar Performance badge. 3. The car has both rear and side exhaust. It's an electronic cutout. Press a button and it goes...
  18. Timing chain failure on the Dodge Challenger

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    +1, and I would add that, none of us have conclusively shown exactly why this problem is occurring. Sure, we might have discovered that the problem was occurring early on and what components were involved, but that is a long way to discovering exactly why it was happening and its exact cause. To...
  19. Timing chain failure on the Dodge Challenger

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    What you are not taking into account is timing chain stretch. The chain will stretch over time. The average failure occurred between 35-40k miles. The more the chain stretches, the more apt it is to begin wobbling when MDS is activated and thus begin slapping the guide. I guess, technically, if...
  20. Challenger srt stolen

    General Challenger Discussion
    This happens a lot more often that you would think. But when the car is finally located, the police will impound it, regardless of how the then current owner took title. Usually the car is re-sold to an unsuspecting buyer and it is that person who gets screwed because they paid full price for...
1-20 of 195 Results