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Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler, AMC
Demon 340, Charger R/T, Barracuda, Dakota 'vert, V
Hemi Orange, Turbine Bronze, Blue, White, Brown, G
dings, rust, empty engine bay, no top, anemic leaner, sneaky sleeper
'72 Demon 340 4spd is my first car, went thru restoration in the late 80's, drove to the Mopar Nats twice, been coast to coast, drag racing, autocross, thru divorce and now 2nd kiddo...showing her age/battle scars now like a trophy-
'68 Charger R/T-saved from a wrecking yard in 1990, driven thru the '90's, currently awaiting full resto
'73 Barracuda-Been in the family since 1989, currently awaiting next heart transplant...was 318/auto, now set up for big block/4-spd
'89 Dakota Sport Factory Convertible-Bought at insurance auction for $400.00...and has been an absolute blast-had I known how much fun these trucks are I would have hunted one down years ago!
1980 Volare-uh...slant 6/auto...straight, won't die...what else is there to say?
'73 Gremlin-Big Block Mopar swap...sneaky sleeper-ran 13.70 at 106 mph...traction is NOT it's strong suit...
0 Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler, AMC Demon 340, Charger R/T, Barracuda, Dakota 'vert, V (Hemi Orange, Turbine Bronze, Blue, White, Brown, G)



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