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Jazz Blue Pearlcoat
SXT (With dealership installed Plus package)
Bought my Challenger in August 2017. It had about 29000 miles on it when I got her. She came with all the extras I wanted in an SXT. This is my 3rd dark blue vehicle I have purchased, just kind of happened and I love the color. Not so easy to maintain though. I have done quite a few exterior visual enhancements on the car. Looking to add a few more things in the near future. I love my car. I am constantly thinking of ways to enhance my car and make it even more unique. There are lots of these cars on the road and I want mine to be a little different. I have done all my modifications with a very limited budget, plasti-dip is pretty cheap. I totally regret the drop in filter and not the cold air intake. Looking to resolve that mistake soon. I would love for my car to be louder but I havent found an exhaust that sounds right yet. Plus those are quite expensive.
2015 Dodge Challenger (Jazz Blue Pearlcoat)


I have a K&N drop in filter. Plasti-dipped the engine cover green.
Not much done here. Black cloth throughout.
I have used plasti-dip all over this car. I dipped the rims black with green accents. Dipped the fuel cap in black/green combo. Dipped the hood scoops green. Debadged the rear DODGE from the car yesterday and replaced it with a custom vinyl strip on the trunk and added the Challenger letters in script, green of course. Plan to have the windows tinted very soon. Dipped the side marker lights, all 4 are green. Looks pretty cool at night. I will be replacing the fron lights with the Diode Dynamics RGB halos. During that install I will be painting the silver parts of the front grille green. Must have green halos on this sexy car.
Uconnect entertainment system installed.
Wheel and Tire
Stock wheels but i like them and will be sticking with them. Researching new tires at the moment and plan to get Toyo Proxes 4 plus with 245/45R20 in front and 275/40R20 in the rear for the staggered look. Also thinking about getting a small wheel spacer for front and back to give it a more aggressive stance. Not that these cars really need much in that area.



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