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Phantom Black Clear Coat
RT Classic
Purchased in 2013, this vehicle has survived several Kansas winters and sadly 1 auto collision, 2 deer hits, 1 reported parking accident and 1 unreported of the same (both of which was done to the rear of this vehicle, Idk about you, but whenever this car gets hit in the rear, the damn rear plastic bumper wants to unhinge itself from the frame of the metal and not line up properly!). Apart from that this vehicle handles the road extremely well. I've taken this car on quite a few long-distance trips (1000 more or less) and for a V8 it gets amazing gas mileage, 24-27.6 miles to the gallon on a 6 speed. City driving, when I first got the vehicle, saw as low as 12 miles a gallon but that was when I was stuck in the city at times, however, I lived (at the time) at a town near the city and commuted between the locations and work, and with proper routes (speed zones, traffic based on time of day and driver experience and whether or not you drive like an *******) I was able to get anywhere from 20 - 24.7 mpg (this was without mods too, all stock). Since then I have modded this vehicle and now it's looking more like 20-21. Numbers are lower but my current location has changed (Fort Rucker) and it's much shorter distance driving. I did go back home on leave with current mods and got better results (Ogden Kansas driving to Manhattan, Junction City, and Fort Riley) 23 - 25 mpg for the city driving (because I avoided the highway and K-18 just to solely test the city mpg and see the capabilities. Highway, however, was now a more solid 26,27 wanting to push up to 30 mpg. Anyways enough about the fuel economy. This is a great and amazing muscle car with great potential for modding and making the 5.7 liters wake up. Also for the keen-eyed among you, yes there is a fatass cat in the picture... that's my son Leo.
2013 Dodge Challenger (Phantom Black Clear Coat)


SLP Loudmouth 1 Catback Exhaust System
Mopar CAI
PCM Stage 1 flash
SCAT PACK 2 package (Comp 270 Cam)
Edelbrock Victor II EFI Manifold Intake and Fuel Rail Kit
JBA Shorty Headers (Ceramic coated)
Edelbrock RPM Gen III Chrysler HEMI Cylinder Head 67cc Complete
Hurst Short Throw Shifter
Wheel and Tire
20" Torque Thrust rims
245-45zr-20 General Tires G-Max AS-03 (Front) Directional
255-45r-20 Toyo Tires Proxes STIII (Rear) Directional



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