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After being on a list at a local dealership and doubting I would ever get a Hellcat, I found this car online at a dealership in North Carolina. After negotiating a price, I drove my 2015 Challenger R/T Plus there and traded it in. About 2 hours after leaving with my new Hellcat, I got caught in a snow storm in the mountains. Luckily I managed to pull into a rest stop, and waited 8 hours for a tow. The tow truck never arrived so I got a ride to the nearest town and left my new car at the rest stop buried in snow. The next day I rode with the tow truck to pick up the car and the snow had melted enough for me to drive away. On my way home I broke the car in per Dodge instructions. After the 500 miles I decided to see what kind of power it had. I slowed down to 60 mph and put the pedal to the floor. It spun the tires and fishtailed slightly, which scared the hell out of me. I drove very carefully the rest of the way. What a beast!! Love It!!
2015 Challenger Hellcat (White)


10% ATI overdrive pulley, BWoody CAI, JLT oil separator, Metco valve cover breather, one tune for 93 oct, one for MS109 fuel.
Dyno at 750whp with race fuel, 735whp with 93 oct.
HP Scanner and laptop to switch between different tunes.
I have black strobe style stripes for the sides but haven't installed them yet.
Wheel and Tire
Wheels and winter tires, with an extra set of wheels and MT drag radials.
I have a brake conversion kit, 15 inch wheels and MT Drag Radial Pros on order.



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