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General Information

Toxic Orange
Bought brand new in September of 2011 as a mid-life crisis birthday present for myself.

After only a couple of years and 80+K miles of driving her, I was forced to sell her unfortunately.
2011 Dodge Challenger (Toxic Orange)


The OE exhaust sound wasn't doing for me, except at WOT. So I did a double butt-load of research and waffling and finally decided on the dual-in/dual-out Jones Full Boar muffler (2.25" inlet & outlet).

Everything from the X-pipe back was removed, and the JFB muffler was welded in right above the drive shaft, just in front of the differential. 2.25" pipes put in to run from muffler outlets all the way back out original exhaust holes in rear fascia. OE tips were reused.

How is the exhaust profile now? AYE DE MI, QUE LASTIMA!! IT'S MUCHO BETTER-O AHORA!!!
Nothing fancy in the interior - it had the standard cloth seats front and back. Although I did end up getting some $250 seat covers for the front seats, though they were a little overpriced in my opinion. I guess they have to be break-away capable for the airbags, and that's why they cost so much, but still, $250 was a lot of duckas for a poor boy like me!

As for the trunk....

These cars sorely need a cargo net; I had an adjustable cargo-type net that used to be in my 'Hoe; now my car has a cargo net.
The aftermarket rims I eventually put on the car was the most striking of any exterior mods I did really.
The standard 6 speaker sound system sounded pretty danged good, but I had an Infinity BassLink 10" powered sub laying around not doing anything.

So I stabbed it in the trunk in an effort to beef up the bottom end a little, and I am VERY pleased with how it sounds now.
Wheel and Tire
In an effort to widen the rear profile of the tires a little, I went with some Nitto NT420S 255/50/18s on the back.

The fronts remained the OE size 235/55/18s, but I did end up getting some aftermarket rims to replace the stock ones.



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