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Great truck, 6.2 motor is strong. 8-speed transmission could be better as it has a notorious clunk as it hunts for the right gear it's never in when you hit the throttle. I'm told by the dealer and the internet that it is what it is, so it'll be sold before the powertrain warranty runs out. It gets great gas mileage in my opinion, easily getting 22 mpg on the highway and averaging 17 in the rural "city" drives it sees the most.
I love it aside from the issues the 22" wheels have caused me...
2015 Chevrolet Silverado (Tungsten)


Wheel and Tire
The painted wheels were on it when I bought it and were the reason I picked this particular truck. A dealer scratched one fixing a leaking valve stem and GM couldn't provide a matching wheel (see 2nd painted wheel photo, rear sliver wheel doesn't match front grey wheel - which was clean in the photo), so they gave me the 4 chrome wheels instead. It was a fight to get to that point, a fight that took 2 months.

Don't purchase GM chrome (or any accessory) wheels... 2 years after getting the chrome ones installed, I received replacement chrome wheels under warranty due to peeling of the chrome and flaking of the silver inner wheel paint. The brand new ones provided each time were sent back due to inferior quality issues on brand new wheels. I was told during my 2nd replacement set received that less than 40 of these wheels exist in the country so even if they would warranty the replacements again (beyond my factory warranty which expires in a month of writing this), once they start to flake again in a year there won't be any left so I'm on my own at that point which stinks.

GM Accessory Wheels are 3rd party products and GM has no control over / keeps very small stock on hand. I was amazed that within 3 months of the current model year purchase that they couldn't provide a replacement wheel in the same color as what I purchased (the supplier changed paint suppliers/color on GM is what I was told - check out 2nd painted wheel photo. Back was replaced, much brighter than the clean front original wheel).

Currently debating whether to spend money on winter wheels and tires or save that money for PVD replacements of these chrome ones that have a 5 year warranty once the newly installed set turn to junk.



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