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Black & White
The first several years of its life was spent keeping Rowlett, TX free of beatniks and hippies. Once it had run over, run into, or otherwise damaged its quota of hair-headed nogoodnicks, it was retired from service and auctioned off to the general public. It was at this point that I took possession and its current trajectory in life took off.
2012 Dodge Charger (Black & White)


5.7L + A5 (NAG1) + 2.65

Engine's tune started out as a canned tune from a DiabloSport Trinity tuner, but it has been modified by yours truly to squeeze every last drop of performance out of her i could.
Base audio system upgraded with the addition of 2 aftermarket amplifiers, a LOC (LC6I), and a single 10" sub in a ported box, all of which was installed in the trunk with the help of a slide-out amp rack that came with the car (as part of the Pursuit pkg).

OE cloth seats were replaced with a set of leather seats from a salvaged Charger.
Completely de-badged.

Rear spoiler (Hellcat style) painted to match body color (Gloss Pitch Black/PX8).

Car's stance was altered by way of some Mopar Stage 1 lowering springs and Bilstein shocks and struts.
Factory h/u feeds a LC6i that routes sound into two amps:
1) a 4 channel amp for JBL 6x9 door drivers, Infinity 3.5" dash, and Focal 5.25" rear deck speakers
2) a JBL mono sub amp powering a JL Audio 10w3v3 in a ported box
H9 low beam headlight upgrade
Whisper quiet cop exhaust replaced with dual Jones Full Boar Flow Deflector mufflers and no resos.
Wheel and Tire
18" Cop Steelies with dog dish center caps and Firestone Firehawk Indy tires.


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The Bacon Hauler (‘12 Cop Charger)
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Love this!

Driving around a car that looks like this means answering lots of questions from complete strangers, and they’re pretty much what you’d think - are you a cop, is that a cop car, is it fast, etc.

The lack of originality in people’s questions about my car tends to annoy me sometimes, but I’ll answer questions and talk to people nevertheless.

But every once in a while someone hits me with a question that I haven’t heard before and catches me completely off guard. And it’s those interactions that make the 25 other boring ones totally worth it.

Example: 2 days ago I was in hour 3 of a 4 hour drive, and I was hot, sweaty, and hungry due to various reasons. Needless to say, I just wanted to stop and get some food and continue on my way to get it over with. So I pulled off the interstate and into some forgotten town and into the only fast food joint in that one-horse town (Wendys?). I placed my order and pulled around to the 1st window to pay, and the middle aged lady working the register leaned out as I idled up and said, “Holy shoot! Is your car SUPPOSED to look like that?!?”


I said, “Yes?” and handed her my money before pulling forward to get my food, but I gotta say, she left me contemplating that question for the whole rest of that trip. I wish I would have stopped long enough to inquire just what the hell she was talking about, but I didn’t, and I regret that. :cry:

i feel like I really missed an opportunity to understand humanity a little better...but nothing I can do about it now, oh well! :ROFLMAO: