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  1. Challenger Issues & Problems
    I have an '09 Challenger SRT8, when I got it the lock and unlock was iffy at best, and I'd have to click it a couple times to get it to do either. It progressively got worse to where it would rarely unlock, then started giving me a "Damaged Key" message. So, it would rarely unlock and the PTS...
  2. Thor's 09

    just an early morning pic, yes those are SRT wheels on my RT. They were on it when I bought it.
  3. Thor's 09

    just an early morning pic
  4. Thor's 09

    A cool piece I had made
  5. Thor's 09

    Engine compartment shot. I added the airaid the beuty cover was missing when I bought it it will be replaced soon.
  6. Thor's 09

    possible reason for the beauty cover missing is to show the valve covers. I contacted the G-5 group they are only selling parts now and not really doing custom work I was hoping I lucked out and had some great mods in the car that nobody knew about but they said they had never worked on it. The car
  7. My Ride at the Beach

    White Flag Beach Warning...Great White Challenger Spotted..Attack is Probable..Drive at Your Own Risk!
1-9 of 9 Results