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  1. 2019 SXT

    2019 SXT

  2. Help 2019 challenger R.T blew diff

    General Challenger Discussion
    My 2019 5.7 rt blew the rear differential up does anyone know if a 2016 challenger rear diff would work in my car ?
  3. 2019 RT ScatPack WideBody

  4. 2019 Challenger SXT LAUNCH CONTROL HELP

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    Before hand I had a 2018 SXT that had paddle shifts behind the steering wheel for Launch control. My 2019 however doesn’t have them. Does it have a launch control? If so, how do I find it? Thank you in advance. ??
  5. 2019 392 Shaker

    2019 392 Shaker

  6. Hello! Just ordered my 2019 392 Shaker!

    New Member Introductions
    Hello all! Today I made the leap into my dream car. Just left the my dealer who is kind enough to order me a 2019 Scat Pack. Spent at least a year lurking and planning my perfect Challenger and this site has given me a wealth of knowledge on these fantastic cars. Attached is my order form, a...