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  1. Which throttle body is best for 2016 sxt?

    Dodge Challenger SE/SXT Specific
    I’ve been looking into ported throttle bodies for the 3.6l and I’ve found that there are 2 main ones, a 78mm from bbk for $450 or a 80mm from modern muscle for $300. Obviously the 80mm sounds like the better deal but I haven’t seen any reviews on it before. I’m going to buy a tune from hemifever...
  2. 3.6L Manifold Leak

    2015 to Current SXT & SXT Plus
    During the 60 mile checkup on my 2016 SXT Plus, my mechanic reported a minor oil leak from the manifold and advised in the near future I'd need to have the gasket replaced (I have 65k miles on her). Anyone else have a similar problem? Just trying to see if this is common.
  3. 2013 sxt mods

    New Member Introductions
    hi there.. i own a 2013 SXT... i really want to start throwing some mods into it but i here a lot about how some mods dont make a difference and that you have to unlock the pc to actually see gains. i current have a K&N intake, Carven exhaust and a pedal commander. im stuck not knowing which...
  4. Extended Warranty Left Cylinder Head - PO306?

    Dodge Challenger SE/SXT Specific
    Last month I experienced rough idling and the MIF activated. I stopped by Auto Zone and they did the free basic computer diagnostic that read the code as #PO306 "#6 Cylinder Misfire". I then brought it to a local reputable shop since my local Dodge dealers were being difficult in scheduling...
  5. Diablo Intune Tuner and Intake Package 11-14 3.6L Challenger - $599.88

    Diablo Intune Tuner and Intake Package 11-14 3.6L Challenger - $599.88 Save money with this package designed for your 2011-14 Challenger 3.6L The following items are included in this package: 1 of R2C Performance Cold Air Intake 11-15 Challenger, Charger, 300 3.6L ($349.00 value!) 1 of...