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  1. Can I fit a 5.7l Hemi in a Challenger GT AWD?

    Performance Modifications
    I know I’d have to change out some parts but I like AWD and want a Hemi, so can it be done? Also, the concept AWD GT had a 5.7l so it may be possible.
  2. Challenger ticking sound from mds

    General Challenger Discussion
    So my car has been making a ticking sound when mds kicks in. It is a 2013 challenger rt 5.7 hemi. I disabled mds with a tune and now there’s no more that sound since mds is not kicking in. I got a pretty good idea that now all cylinders are working and it’ll be a little more of fuel consumption...
  3. 5.7 Hemi Mds lifter problems

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    Alright so we are all familiar with the mds system. It puts your v8 into a v4 mode when not pressing on gas to save you gas. So my car has been making this rottle noise when mds kicks in. It sounds like when you go back the chain of a bicycle. So i’ve researched it and I believe it might be a...
  4. 2013 Challanger 5.7 Hemi build

    Hello I’m about 2 months im gonna twin turbo my challanger. I’m new to this and trying to get the most bang for my buck what would you recommend doing to the engine and what would be a good twin turbo thank you.
  5. Will a 6.4 intake manifold fit on a stock 2006 5.7?

    Intake & Exhaust
    I have a nice 2006 Charger Daytona with a stock 5.7. I was thinking about putting a 6.4 intake on it but since mine is an older model I am not sure if the 6.4 intake will fit. Does anyone know if I can make this swap and if so what year model intake should I look for?
  6. 2013 Chrysler 300c 5.7 upgrades (some 6.4 parts swap).

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, It’s my first post here and I should say I’m so glad to be here with you guys definitely learning a lot. I got a 2013 Chrysler 300c 5.7 With aFe track series cold air intake. JLT catch can. Corsa cat-back. 6.4 cam swap. 6.4 pushrods swap. breather. NGK iridium spark plugs...
  7. 2012 5.7 R/T Classic Automatic Mid Muffler Delete

    Intake & Exhaust
    Finally pulled the trigger on a mid muffler delete for my 2012 R/T Classic, 5.7, Automatic Transmission. Of all the cars I test drove (mostly manual trans) when I bought this car a year ago, I was always a bit disappointed that mine had the quietest exhaust. I was apprehensive about getting any...
  8. 5.7 engine "squeak"

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    I have a "squeaking" sound coming form the rear driver's side of my motor. Sort of sounds like a cricket and it keeps time with the rpms. I had popped my hood because I thought I smelled gas, and wanted to make sure I didn't have a fuel leak. As I leaned down to check for that, I quickly...
  9. Help with 274 cam parts

    Performance Modifications
    Hello, This is my first post on this forum. I have a 2015 challenger rt (w/stp) which is stock atm. I am in the process of ordering the 274 comp cam w/ phase limiter and kooks long tube headers with catless midpipe and an a/f ratio monitor. I understand that the 274 cam makes more power in the...
  10. Best tuner for 2015 RT Plus STP 5.7 ??

    2015 Challenger Information & Discussions
    I have 2015 RT Plus with Super Trac Pack and CAI and Borla exhaust and wondering what the best tuner is for price and performance?? Diablo, Bully dog, etc ? Their is a bunch on the internet so I figure someone has done this so far.
  11. 2015 R/T+ Straight Piped Exhaust (Video)

    Performance Modifications
    Hey everyone, Decided to make a quick sound clip of my 2015 Challenger R/T with a muffler and resonator delete showing revs and a couple flybys. I've had this set up for a month now and I still love it :wink3: Definitely a lot louder in person.
  12. Dodge Challenger 2015 5.7 8 Speed

    Track Talk
    Dodge Challenger 2015 5.7 8 Speed 1/4 mile time Hello to everyone, I'm a new challenger R/T Owner. My car had 3800 mile stock tires K/N cold Air intake kit Flowmaster series 40 Everything else is stock. I seemed to run consistent 13.9 in the 1/4 mile at Orlando Speed world I'm not sure what...
  13. UPR Quick Release Billet Catch Can 08-15 Challenger 5.7, 6.1, 392

    UPR Plug and Play Quick Release Catch Can We have had these available for a while now and these have proven very popular! This can design utilizes a unique fitting system that works like oem style fittings vs just adding standard rubber hoses to brass fittings like some catch cans do. We keep...
  14. Camshafts and Emissions

    Dodge Challenger R/T Specific
    I have a 14 Rt auto and Im trying to get some good info on camshafts and how they would affect my emissions. First I know that for performance that I would like a comp cam (not sure which one yet) but im being told that the cam swap would cause my car to fail emissions test. Now fortunately I...
  15. 2010 Hemi issue on timing

    Dodge Challenger R/T Specific
    Just got a call from the wife and went to get her Challenger RT with the check engine light on My buddy's a great tech and pulled these codes for me P0016 ckp/cmp misaligned b-1 s-1 P0008 CMP 2 POSITION SLOW POO14 pending code car was taken in about a year ago to the...
  16. Supercharger on 5.7 VS Engine Swap to the 392

    Forced Induction
    I just purchased a 2012 R/T Classic with the track pack. It is super clean and sounds great. Seems the previous owner modified exhaust and removed the resonators. The only thing I wish was I have the 6.4L rather than the 5.7. My question is this, showed I just add the Stage 1 Street System for...
  17. FOR SALE: Stock 5.7 Exhaust

    Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    Stock 5.7 exhaust for sale asking 150 local pick up preffered. Located near Philadelphia, PA.
  18. WTB: Looking for high mile or rebuilt RT / Auto - cash buyer

    Vehicles For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    I'm a cash buyer looking to buy a 2009-2010 R/T for somewhere around 16-19k for a project I'm thinking of - previous salvage history is ok as is high mileage cars - must be an automatic. Thanks Dave
  19. New Product: ProCharger Supercharger Kits for 2011-2014 5.7L Charger & Challenger R/T

    High Horse Performance
    New Product: ProCharger Supercharger Kits for 2011-2014 5.7L Charger & Challenger R/T ProCharger 2011-2014 5.7L Challenger & Charger R/T Supercharger Kits! The ULTIMATE Power Adder® When it comes to force-air induction system for the modern HEMI engines, no one offers more advanced...
  20. Automatic 2010 Challenger R/T

    New Member Introductions
    Dodge experts, I've looked online and was surprised to find how much trouble the timing chains seem to be causing on the 5.7 Hemi Challengers! I was the first owner of a 2010 5.7L Hemi Challenger and performed full synthetic oil and filter changes at every 5K. Now that I've reached approx...