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  1. A/C issue

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    Hi there, I recently bought a 2012 v6 challenger and have been enjoying the hell out of it! A recent issue has reared its head though... When I start the car I hear a groaning and creaking from behind the radio. It persists for around 30 seconds all while the amber A/C light blinks. After...
  2. Refrigerant Capacity

    General Challenger Discussion
    Hello! Just bought a 2014 Challenger SXT a couple weeks ago and the guy I bought it from told me the air conditioning compressor was replaced because it was leaking but he decided against filling it with new refrigerant when it found out it was the new kind (R-1234yf) and because it is he...
  3. A/C blowing hot... 100 degrees out

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    I just got my 2014 Challenger R/T blacktop on Thursday, today it has about 250 miles on it and the A/C is blowing hot and I've got a check engine light, took it out Advanced Auto Parts and they said they didn't know what was going on and to take it to the dealer.... any suggestions? dealer isn't...
  4. 2010 R/T remote start a/c issue

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    Last Thursday I had my HVAC control board changed by dealership. Prior to the change, my a/c will return to the set up before I shut off when I remote start it. Now the a/c will need to be manually turned on every time. Does anyone know what the issue might be? The dealership say they are going...