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  1. What to look for/ask when buying a used Challenger?

    General Challenger Discussion
    I've found a used 2015 challenger rt I'm wanting to buy. It's been certified one owner by carfax ans seems to be in great condition with 20k miles. This is my first time buying a car so I wanted any advice or input yall have on what to look for/inspect on a used car like this. The dealership...
  2. Searching for my first challenger!

    General Challenger Discussion
    Hello, new member, plan on buying my first challenger this month. Looking to buy certified pre owned, don't really want to spend more then about 18K, really like the 2010 and newer models. Any advice?? Models? What mileage should it have no more then? Places? Things I need to look for on/in my...
  3. Guidance for a noob

    Bolt On's
    Hi all! I've been searching through the threads, but can't quite find anything on this, so if this has already been posted, I apoligize. I have a 2013 6-speed R/T with a dry-filter AFE intake, Kooks LT headers, custom off-road midpipe, and 2-chamber mufflers. Starting in the next few weeks...
  4. Advice on a Challenger I may purchase!

    General Challenger Discussion
    I found a 2013 challenger SXT for $18,000 and only 30k miles. I personally believe that's a pretty good deal. The only issue is that im a college student with a part time job earning around $1000 a month, sometimes a bit more. I also live with my parents and fortunately they don't charge me for...
  5. First manual. Too much?

    General Challenger Discussion
    Hi everyone, I have been lurking this forum for about a year since I bought my 2014 Blacktop R/T. It is an amazing car, but after seeing the refresh of 2015 I just have to get one and am fortunate enough to be able to. I am looking to upgrade to a 392 Scat Pack Shaker. Here's the dilemma. Being...