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  1. Interior Discussion / Modifications
    Anyone know where I can order air vents on the cheap? Need all of them, literally. Driver side is cracked, center has missing/broken blades, and the passenger side scroll-wheel thingy just spins in place. Everywhere I look wants $120+ for a single f***ing vent. Yea, maybe, if its diamond...
  2. How-To, DIY and Tips & Tricks
    Hello All, I've noticed several threads here discussing problems with the heating and air conditioning in the Challenger. I was having some the same issues and thought I'd add my fix, at least for a 2013 Challenger R/T. TL;DR: There are three actuators that control the car's climate. A bad or...
  3. Challenger Issues & Problems
    I'm hoping someone has a quick fix or easy answer. Today, out of the blue, my Air conditioner started blowing much less cooler air and the flow went down. Its usually so cold it "burns", and comes out like a leaf blower. While going through the car wash, I noticed I could smell the soap...
1-3 of 3 Results