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  1. FOR SALE: Hop Not Total Kit Auto Offset Brackets

    Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    SOLD. I have had this now for 4 years so I'm pretty sure I'll never use it. New in box, never taken out of the packaging. Stage 1 and 2. $400 shipped in the lower 48. Thanks, Don
  2. Inadvertently hit the shifter stick or paddle

    Dodge Challenger R/T Specific
    2012 R/T+ with the Auto/Manual tranny. First vehicle I've ever owned that has the paddle shifters and side-to-side manual gear change on the stick. I'm so used to driving with my hand resting on the stick that I sometimes bump it accidentally. Is there a way to immediately recover from that...
  3. Hurst Comp Stick Kits for 2008 to 2012 Dodge Challengers w/Auto-Stick

    Hurst Performance Products
    Add a unique touch to your Dodge Challenger from a brand synonymous with classic American muscle, Hurst. If you have an automatic Challenger, this is a MUST HAVE accessory for your car! Part #5380403(Polished) Application: Fits 2008 to 2012 Dodge Challenger with AutoStick feature. Features...
  4. Auto Stick ?

    General Challenger Discussion
    My dad continues to argue with me saying auto stick will mess up the transmission. I constantly tell him that it is electronic and it is impossible to mess up. Who is right? I think the only thing that could happen is normal wear & tear and if this is the case driving the car with break it.
  5. Door ding! Oh sh!!!!!!!sh

    General Challenger Discussion
    I have a 2013 SRT8 with less than 2500 miles on it. I wanted to lower it with better springs and an auto repair shop with a lift seemed to be the best bet for the money. All went well after I furnished them with new Eibach springs that would actually fit my 2013 (PM for info in what I went...
  6. Keep the Classic Auto or Trade for Manual?

    Dodge Challenger R/T Specific
    Just trying to get some opinions. Should I keep my 2010 HemiOrange RT Classic with a nice interior and screen, or should I trade it in for a manual RT hopefully Classic. I haven't added any modifications because I don't know if I should keep the auto or trade in for a manual. Any opinions are...
  7. Would you rather: R/T in Auto or SXT in Stick? (hypothetical)

    Dodge Challenger R/T Specific
    I was wondering if you guys would rather go with an SXT/SE in stick or an R/T(any trim) in Auto. I've Already made my decision and went with a 2012 R/T classic in Auto (because of the traffic to/from college). I figured this was a "R/T specific" Thread because i have one lol. Let me know what...
  8. 6 Piece Panel/Trim Removal Tool Set

    6 Piece Panel/Trim Removal Tool Set

    Trim removal tools
  9. 5 Piece Auto Trim and Molding Tool Set

    5 Piece Auto Trim and Molding Tool Set

    Trim removal tools