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  1. General Maintenance Discussion
    My 2012 Challenger R/T recently turned 6 years old, so I knew the battery was on borrowed time. If the car sat for a week it might have a slightly slow crank. Replaced it with what I think is a bigger and better option and wanted to post some photos and info. Maybe this has been covered...
  2. Challenger Issues & Problems
    Somewhere in my 2013 SRT 392 there is a parasitic drain. After a few hours going through the Fuses in the Rear Power Distribution Center and there is a total of 7.07amps being sucked off my battery from this one fuse panel! Help a brother out These are the readings with car off for about a few...
  3. Car Electronics- Lights, Fuses, Audio & Video
    Afternoon everyone, new to the forum here but I'll get right to the point. I just got myself a new 2014 SXT and installed a 2 12" W6v3 JL with a 1200watt sound system. Long story short when the base hits, the lights dim slightly. I've already ordered a Kinetik HC1800 and was questioning if I...
  4. General Challenger Discussion
    If you have changed your Challenger's car battery, How long did it last?
  5. Challenger Issues & Problems
    MIL light came on after I jump started my car for the third time and still is on after I've replaced the battery (I was due for one), will it come off soon? I googled the code and this came out: - Low battery charge - Battery defective - Loose or missing alternator drive belt - Faulty...
  6. Car Electronics- Lights, Fuses, Audio & Video
    Hey guys, I'm changing my factory radio for a mygig 6.5 radio with the dvd player. It's going into a 09 Challenger R/T to be exact. My question is what needs to be disconnected? Do I just need to remove a fuse or should I disconnect my entire battery before touching the radio? Positive or...
1-6 of 7 Results