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  1. Speedlogix Transmission Cross Brace 8 Speed Automatic (ex.Hellcat) 2015-18 Challenger

    Speedlogix Automatic transmission crossmember for the 8-speed transmission found in 2015-18 Charger, Challenger and 300 vehicles. The brace is built with 4130 Chro-Moly Tubing and we use multiple tubes in a triangulated design making for a much more rigid part. Made 100% and hand welded in the...
  2. Strut Brace dress up

    Bolt On's
    Was trying to come up with something more than just a bolt on paint matched strut brace. A plain white Petty brace just looked kind of boring. Striped and pinstriped to match.
  3. WTB: Strut brace, manual transmission crossmember, mats

    Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    Looking for a Speedlogix/Razors Edge or a MOPAR front strut brace. Also looking for a tubular manual transmission crossmember, preferably Razors Edge. And I'm looking for some rubber floor mats and a trunk mat. Let me know what you have. I'm located in Savannah. Thanks for looking!
  4. Lakewood 39001 Strut Tower Brace

    Dodge Challenger SE/SXT Specific
    So was looking into this strut tower brace for my redline. While the only problem I see with strut tower braces in general is that they have clear the hood, this particular one is written compatible only with the R/T. Has anyone used this on their SE/SXT and/or can confirm it fits all well? Even...