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  1. Dodge Challenger RT 2015 brake torque specs

    Dodge Challenger R/T Specific
    Hello All, Need information. I am looking for Torque specifications for my Dodge Challenger RT 2015 with performance brakes. Front and rear specs caliper bracket bolts torque specs 20 inch Wheels lug nuts torque specs And such.... I’m going to do my own brake job. Would Haynes repair book...
  2. SXT + Brake Upgrades

    2015 to Current SXT & SXT Plus
    I have a 2016 SXT Plus with 65k miles on it. OE brakes are doing fine, but I imagine I'll need to replace the pads soon, and when I get that done, I'm thinking of also replacing the rotors with "upgraded" ones. Here's a few questions I have: 1. Was thinking about slotted and/or drilled...
  3. Road course debut in my 2016 R/T STP

    Dodge Challenger R/T Specific
    Hey Guys, I was able to finally drive the Challenger on a road course for a few laps and event though it was shorten due to some incidents, I really felt like there is a need to upgrade the Sway bars on my car. They are way to soft for my taste. Any of you did change them? and which ones did...