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  1. General Challenger Discussion
    Its 2021 and the 2020 option is available in the "build my challenger" tab. Can I still build a 2020 model (its cheaper)?
  2. Vehicles For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    WTB - wrecked Hellcat. Tell your insurance company you have a possible cash buyer if it is anywhere near totaled. Title and CarFax totaled status ok - will be doing a rebuild for the track. I get a deal, was going to modify a lot anyway, and you get to go get a new one! Price depends on what...
  3. General Challenger Discussion
    I have owned a number of vehicles that I was more or less in love with. Each of these cars or trucks hold a special place in my heart, but aren't necessarily still parked in my driveway. How many of you plan on keeping your Challenger forever? How many of you already have plans to trade-in or...
  4. General Challenger Discussion
    Hey everyone, This is my first post and it's a bit of a long one so please bear with me, but I've lurked here for a while now while trying to decide what challenger to buy and I really need the help of the experts and enthusiasts here. I've already decided I'm ending up with a v8 challenger...
  5. General Challenger Discussion
    Hi everyone, I am looking at getting a challenger rt. I'm in the market to get a new car and after along time and a lot of research I got off track. I have test driven 3 mustangs and 2 challenger srt8s. I don't feel like getting a big car loan again so I think the srt8 is out of the search...
  6. Vehicles For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    Hello Everyone, I am new to this forum and have been considering a new Challenger. However, I've never owned a new car due to the instant depreciation, so I thought I'd reach out to see what might be available first. Thanks in advance. Color - prefer Granite, but might consider Billet (no...
1-6 of 7 Results