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cam swap

  1. Camshaft Options (274 compcam, HRT stg 3 compcam, TSP cam)

    Performance Modifications
    So I'm looking to do a cam install on my scat pack this winter and undecided on what to go with. Was initially set on going with the 274 comp cam package from HHP. Then while researching that I saw Comp Cams new HRT line which I'm curious about as I haven't seen any vids or dyno numbers(other...
  2. New Comp Cams help

    Performance Modifications
    Hey guys brand new to registering to the forum but long time lurker of all the hemi related forums out there. I'm an owner of a '07 Charger R/T but as it's nearing the end of it's life I have my eyes set on a Scat Pack. I've been reading a lot about cam swaps and what seem to be overall...
  3. 2013 Chrysler 300c 5.7 upgrades (some 6.4 parts swap).

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, It’s my first post here and I should say I’m so glad to be here with you guys definitely learning a lot. I got a 2013 Chrysler 300c 5.7 With aFe track series cold air intake. JLT catch can. Corsa cat-back. 6.4 cam swap. 6.4 pushrods swap. breather. NGK iridium spark plugs...
  4. Valve locks

    Performance Modifications
    So I was replacing my valve springs and one of the valve locks fell off and disappeared into thin air. So I need a new one can anybody give me some guidance on where to get them or what measurements the valve is. Thank you.
  5. Camshafts and Emissions

    Dodge Challenger R/T Specific
    I have a 14 Rt auto and Im trying to get some good info on camshafts and how they would affect my emissions. First I know that for performance that I would like a comp cam (not sure which one yet) but im being told that the cam swap would cause my car to fail emissions test. Now fortunately I...
  6. What simple Mods could i do to increase performance?

    Bolt On's
    I own a 2015 Challenger R/T with the 6 speed standard. ive been looking on here to see what you guys have said about different mods. if you guys could help me out and give me estimated prices for what you say i should do that would be great. ive been thinking about doing the 270 comp cam...
  7. Your E-Force Build

    6.1L (2008 - 2010)
    Tell me what you have running with your Edelbrock Eforce set up. I'm looking at increasing boost by a psi or two and swapping the cam in my 6.1L and any input would be awesome!