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  1. Camshaft Upgrade suggestions?

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    so i want to upgrade my camshaft on my 2012 srt392 dodge challanger i have found two that i think there good but i want you to help me decide and why 6.4L 392 VVT HEMI NSR Performance NA Camshaft by Modern Muscle SKU: MM-VVT222-226 copy and paste the SKU into google and it will pop up...
  2. Tuning after installing the first Inertia SRT Max Cam in Greece

    Bolt On's
    Tomorrow we are performing the first ever cam swap on a Hemi engine in Greece. As this is my first time doing this, I am looking for any advice on how to tune correctly after install, or any advice on paying attention to what could go wrong. Stu from inertia will be providing an email startup...
  3. New camshaft for my daily driver

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    I'm not sure which cam kit I should get for my 2013 r/t, any suggestions? 2013 R/T Borla S-Type cat-back exhaust Mopar CAI
  4. Challenger RT scat pack 2

    Performance Modifications
    I have a 2014 Challenger RT with stage I scat pack. Web sites say a stage II is $1895 which is a cam and either a new PCM or PCM adjustment. Has anyone been able to get this for less (at dealership only please) Thanks James.