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  1. Detailing / Car Care
    So I bought my Challenger used, so it has its share so nicks and scratches. I want to get a new paint job on the car (all black for me) but my question is, how good is a ceramic coat and is it worth it to put on the car to protect it from daily wear and tear? How do you wash a ceramic coating...
  2. Ohio Speed
    Ohio-Speed is having our I WISH IT WAS SPRING SALE on ALL EBC Brake Pads with FREE S/H! EBC RedStuff EBC YellowStuff EBC BlueStuff EBC GreenStuff EBC OrangeStuff (full race pad) EBC Ultimax RedStuff Pads: EBC RedStuff Sport Brake Pads v8 (Front) DP31764C EBC RedStuff Sport Brake Pads v8 (Rear)...