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  1. Can you switch a 2016 manual Challenger R/T to an automatic?

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    Is it possible to switch a 2016 manual Challenger R/T to an automatic? Just wanted to know if this is possible and the price range if I ever decide to do it.
  2. Tazer for challenger 392 srt

    Performance Modifications
    Looking to do some upgrades to my 2015 challenger 392 SRT. I’ve came across a lot of r/t models going with the Tazer mod to unlock the srt pages. Does this mod work for existing SRT‘s or give them anything new?
  3. Thoughts On A 4 Door Challenger?

    General Challenger Discussion
    Ive always envisioned what a four door (challenger) would look like :unsure:
  4. 2019 Challenger SXT LAUNCH CONTROL HELP

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    Before hand I had a 2018 SXT that had paddle shifts behind the steering wheel for Launch control. My 2019 however doesn’t have them. Does it have a launch control? If so, how do I find it? Thank you in advance. ??
  5. 45 psi oil pressure idle?

    Dodge Challenger R/T Specific
    Got a new (to me) 2013 Challenger RT (Automatic) (83k miles) and did a oil change today. just some things I noticed afterwards on the digital gauge. Idle PSI at operating temp is 44-46. Cruising at 1.7k rpm is about 50-60 psi depending on whether if im accelerating or not. These seem REALLY...
  6. Twin Turbo Vs Super Charge Vs Twin Boost

    Performance Modifications
    Hello everybody! Since I am brand new to muscle cars and the muscle car community I thought I would come with an easy question, boost. I know everyone here is agreeable and sweet so what do you guys think is the best boost for the SXT and why. Thanks!
  7. SRT811


    Beaming in my Driveway....