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  1. 3.6 Challenger exhaust

    Intake & Exhaust
    I know it will never sound like a V8 where you can slap pretty much anything on and it sounds decent. Having got that out of the way and watching dozens of videos. Any suggestions on allowing that engine to free flow and sound good? I have a hellcat air box already that fit perfectly
  2. Thinking about buying a 2019 Challenger R/T

    General Challenger Discussion
    Hi all, Firstly want to say that I am very happy to see how big this forum is and how many people write in it constantly. It brings me joy to know theres a good community in place for the Challenger. I’ve been looking for the past few months at the Challengers and have found an interesting...
  3. Supercharged 392 shaker

    General Challenger Discussion
    Hey guys! Wanted to ask if anyone has or knows anyone that’s fitted either a 2.9 Whipple twin screw or Magnuson screw supercharger with the scat pack factory shaker hood kit? I have a 2019 and I’d like to be able to make it work with the factory optioned shaker system. Any comments or help or...