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  1. General Challenger Discussion
    I’m wanting to mod my 2021 Challenger SP with the Mopar-branded hood pin kit (P/N: 82214260AC). This kit says that it is for 2018-2022 Dodge Challengers, but it says on the Mopar website that it is not compatible with my car. I have seen this kit mounted (only in pictures) on two other Scat...
  2. Performance Modifications
    Codes p0133, p0153, p0420, and p0430. I have had long tube headers put in with midpipes, cold air intake, 85 mm throttle body, performance ignition coils, and my challenger is Diablo tuned. I also have Flowmaster exhaust. I have not been able to find a shop to tune my car after all of these...
  3. Dodge Challenger R/T Specific
    Already got interior LED, appointment for ceramic window tints next week...what else do you guys recommend? I am not an aficionado as far as cars/modding goes, so probably looking to start with small performance mods and work my way up. What are your recommendations ? :) Could really use some...
  4. Vehicles For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    Dropped the PRICE. For Sale: 2010 SMS 570 Saleen Challenger - 500HP 5.7L Saleen Supercharger Special Show Paint: Appilizious Red Interior Black and Silver 7500 miles This is a rare car and I haven't seen any others like it for sale. SMS (Saleen Motor Sports) made a limited run of these in...
  5. General Challenger Discussion
    Ive been looking for a way to beaf up the sound of my 2013 challenger sxt. im looking to buy a flowmaster muffler, but dont know the size of the exhaust pipes, and therefore dont know the size of muffler i need. Any help?
1-6 of 7 Results