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  1. General Maintenance Discussion
    Hey everyone, I’m bad in English sorry about it, so what’s my problem when i change from parking to any gears except neutral it starts weard movement i feel that it comes from transmission also when i’m driving sometime its like stopping vehicle, i have also some little leak from transmission...
  2. General Challenger Discussion
    I’m on vacation. Made the mistake of letting my younger brother drive my car because he is watching our house. Has less than 10k miles on it. What do you think? Looks like just the body that can be fixed. Airbags didn’t go off and under the hood looks fine. No leaks or anything.looks like it...
  3. Challenger Issues & Problems
    I have a 2018 Dodge Challenger Sxt plus with 14k miles I just bought it and it had a annoying dash rattle when driving on uneven roads. The windshield was replaced by previous owner as it’s not oem.. Has anyone solved this issue yet ? I tried adding extra insulation in dash it didn’t work still...
  4. Vehicles For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    Looking to buy an 3.5 challenger between 09-11 Must be in california I have an serious buyer/mecanic there so cash and selling will be just as normal for you
  5. Car Electronics- Lights, Fuses, Audio & Video
    Hi everyone, I have made a video with instructions on how to install HomeLink to 2015+ Challenger/Charger. First peace of information I found was on this forum, so I wanted to say thanks by making as a detailed video as I could. All feedback is appreciated or if you have any questions, feel...
  6. Tuning/Data
    I have a 2016 Challenger R/T and wanted to look into HpTuners but don’t know what I have to buy. I know they offer a PCM modifier but heard you need to swap out the PCM completely. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    I just purchased a new 2020 Dodge challenger GT in Torred Red. I've looked at a lot of stripe options but the majority of the options are designed to pay tribute to the R/T, SRT, Demon and Hellcat versions of the Challenger and I don't want to be one of those fools who puts Hellcat or SRT...
  8. How-To, DIY and Tips & Tricks
    I have a 2016 dodge challenger a plastic bag got stuck in my trunk lock I had to use the emergency release from the inside to open my trunk and now my trunk will no longer open from the outside what do I do?
  9. Challenger Issues & Problems
    My uconnect screen started delaminating in the top right most corner. 2017 just got it a few months ago only 28k miles currently, no more bumper to bumper warranty and im not coming out of pocket over 1000$ for this, i really dont want to with Christmas around the corner i can really use that...
  10. General Challenger Discussion
    So I have a 2019 Challenger RT , Mods I've done so far is … Kooks Long tube headers , Kooks high flow cats , Air intake, Bigger throttle body , and straight piped exhaust. Obviously my CEL light has came on because of the highflows and I'm trying to decide what tune I should go with . So I need...
  11. 2019 SXT

    2019 SXT

  12. Vehicles For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    This car has clean title. 83k miles on the dash. I have garage kept this car, oil change regularly. I installed 2015 hellcat front bumper, and 2015 updated taillights, the car on the outside look basically new. I’m asking $17500 OBO I still have more stuff to install so price could...
  13. Challenger Issues & Problems
    Hello all, Id like to make an introduction to the site as im a new member. I have a 2010 Challenger R/T with a NAG1trans. I had multiple codes pop up such as ; U0100 U110B U0141 Does this sound like a PCM/TCM issue? Wiring? Just looking for some insight if anyone’s dealt with these codes before
  14. Intake & Exhaust
    I currently have the factory single exhaust with the muffler and resonater replaced with straight pipes . I love the sound of it but I want it louder and I thought long tube headers would be perfect. I’d like thoughts and suggestions, please and thank you .
  15. General Challenger Discussion
    So my car has been making a ticking sound when mds kicks in. It is a 2013 challenger rt 5.7 hemi. I disabled mds with a tune and now there’s no more that sound since mds is not kicking in. I got a pretty good idea that now all cylinders are working and it’ll be a little more of fuel consumption...
  16. General Challenger Discussion
    Hey all, I’ve been looking to buy a challenger for awhile now, and have found a beautiful 2011 R/T that’s in my price range. The only problem I have with it is that the car fax shows it has had the catalytic converter and spark plugs replaced and it’s only got 65k miles on it. I’m pretty sure...
  17. General Challenger Discussion
    Hi there. I was working on my steering angle sensor these days. I forgot to fix the position of steering wheel when I removed the steering column so the sensor need to be calibrated. I already calibrated the clock spring. Anyone has any idea about how to put these two gears into their original...
  18. General Challenger Discussion
    I have a challenger 18 SXT. I was wondering if this will fit my car; it say it doesn’t but the 19 sxt, 18-19 gt fits it. Checked the holes and everything for my car and everything looks to line up with part number 6QW33RXFAD
  19. Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension
    So i have a 2012 challanger rt and i wanted to know if i can fit 275/30 R20 on the front with stock suspension, and if i can also run 275/45 R20 on the rear ?
  20. Vehicles For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    Up for Sale - 2018 DODGE CHALLENGER R/T -5.7L V-8 Engine -6-spd man w/OD Transmission -Horsepower: 375 hp @ 5150 rpm -Torque: 410 ft-lbs. @ 4300 rpm -AM/FM/Satellite, seek-scan Radio -Front Fog/driving lights -ParkSense Parking assist -Rear-wheel Drive type -ABS and driveline Traction control...