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check engine light

  1. Pedal Commander issue

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    Hi guys. Recently installed the pedal commander to my 2019 SXT Plus. Works well but sometimes the engine management light comes on and the battery symbol will flash. Anyone had the same problem? Or know what’s happening?
  2. Engine Light & Customer Services???

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    Does Dodge care about their brand and customer service? I bought a 2014 Challenger RT in January of 2015. And, as much as I loved the car, it has become a challenge in itself. I will forgo the details of the dealership that I agreed to a price with, then they changed it on me when I flew into...
  3. P0113?

    Forum Threads
    Today, the check engine light came on. I had managed to pull the code using the ACC to On X3 method and the On Board Diagnostics screen reveled the code as 'P0113'. The CEL has since deactivated and is no longer on, yet I am curious to know what it refers too. Earlier in the day, suspecting a...
  4. Engine "Idiot Light" P0741

    Dodge Challenger SE/SXT Specific
    Hey fellow brethren. I was driving my 2013 SXT down George Wash. Parkway the other day, enjoying the breeeze, when suddenly my Chally bestowed it's blaring "check engine" light at me. I know a lot of people ignore these, but I was peeved because the car just reached 25k miles. Perhaps this is...